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How To Move a Waterbed

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Preparing and Moving a Waterbed

For the comfort and the feeling of resting on a cloud, it is really hard to beat a waterbed. But the challenge comes when you have to move it from one location to another. With the right planning and strategy, you would be able to move your waterbed without too many frustrations.

One of the first things that you must do before preparing your waterbed for a move is to get it within a protection plan just in case it is subjected to damage or loss during the move. You should also want to get information about the cost of your waterbed as well since details such as this would really help you in the long run.

When moving a waterbed you would first need to drain and disassemble the waterbed. The time it would take to disassemble your waterbed may depend on the size of your mattress as well as the methods that it drains. Unplugging your mattress' heat should be followed up with a cooling process before you even think about draining the waterbed. If you do not allow your waterbed to cool down, the mattress is likely to melt.

Most would be happy to know that draining your waterbed mattress can be achieved in three ways. For the mattress that does not contain interior baffles, you should try to extract the water with the straight siphon method. This method would take you close to an hour to get it done. Perhaps you may want to achieve the draining process in let's say 30 minutes. If this is the case then you should invest in an electric pump which is available at stores that sell waterbed and accessories. Probably the most time-consuming method is when you use a drain pump and a faucet adapter.

Depending on the type of mattress that you have and the water pressure, this method can take you well into three hours. No matter the method that you choose to use bear in mind that the water should be extracted from your waterbed as soon as possible. When you have completed the draining process you should quickly plug back the hole. Gather up all the screws and nuts and bolts and secure them away in a plastic bag which you would later tape to the frame of the bed.

Fold your mattress from head to foot of the bed and then pack it away in a container making sure that there is nothing in it that could puncture your mattress. You should also carefully pack away the bed's heating pad and tube thermometer as well. When you get to your next location, it would be wise for you to position your bed before you start filling it back up again.

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