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How to Move a Gun Safe

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Tips on How to Move a Gun Safe

A gun safe is arguably one of the most problematic items that you will have to move. It’s big, heavy, and cumbersome. There are very few handholds, and you also have legal ramifications to consider. So, the question is, “How to move a gun safe?”

Can you Move It?

What does the law say? Can you legally move a gun safe from one jurisdiction to another? If you are not sure, ask your local guns and ammo proprietor. In most cases, the vault itself will present a very little problem. It’s the guns that have to be properly documented. The last thing you want is to be stopped by a patrol officer and have a trunk full of guns with no license.

DIY Moving

If you are only moving it a couple of feet away, and the safe is relatively small and has a manageable weight, it is advisable that you lift it. If your safe has built in rollers or wheels, it is also a good idea to place floor mats over the floor area you will be traversing. This minimizes the risk of scratching your floors. If the safe is extremely heavy, say 600 to 900 pounds, better use plywood. Don’t use rubber sheets because it’s going to make it harder to move your big gun safe.

Double Check Your Ammo

If you only have a couple of guns and have a padded compartment within the safe, it’s okay to keep them inside. This minimizes your worries. Remove all the clips plus all the ammo, even if it’s still boxed, and store it separately. Don’t forget to check for chambered rounds.

Loaded or Empty?

Your safest bet would be to empty the safe. For one it’ll be lighter. Second, it’s safer to move an empty safe. Consider this: even if you unload the ammo and keep only your guns inside, the movement may cause the guns to bounce around, causing scratches and mechanical damage?

Professional Movers

You can pay professional movers to do this for you. But, that is usually expensive. And the last thing you want is for someone to know where your gun safe is. Realistically speaking if your gun safe is heavier than 900 pounds, you are better off hiring a professional. Contact the manufacturer or your local guns and ammo shop. They should have a couple of contacts.

Rent a Tool

A cheaper alternative would be to find the nearest rent a tool shop and get a heavy duty electric dolly. If you are moving it up and down stairs, then a stair type dolly is best.

Cover It Up

If you are moving it outside your home, visible to public scrutiny, it is advised that you box it up, even if you only use cardboard boxes. This protects your anonymity. Just make sure not to compromise your handholds.

Take a Breather

If the move requires you to push and lift, then you better take a breather before shifting. Remember, the heavier the safe, the more dangerous it is. So stretch your muscles, plan your route, get as many men as possible, and do it slowly but surely.

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