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Self Move - What you Need to Know

If you do not own your own home, there is a big chance that you may have to do a lot of moving around when you choose to rent to live. Of course, it is everyone's intention to stay in one place for a long time, but unfortunately that's not the case. There are many reasons why people move. This can include outgrowing one's current home or having the landlord increase the rent to an amount that you cannot afford.

With a lot of moving taking place during the years, you may be compelled to get the moving done yourself in order to save on moving costs. There is a lot involved in a self-move and many things that you have to consider before making this decision.

If you intend to self-move then be prepared to do a lot of running around before moving. For one thing, you have to set aside some time to draw up a budget that would include the cost of moving materials as well as money for renting a moving van among other things. If you are moving out of state, you would also have to stretch your budget to get gas for the truck, pay hotel fees for the layover and not to mention you have to purchase meals as well when you stop along the way.

As part of the self-move, you would also be responsible for de-cluttering your home, packing and unpacking heavy items and loading them on and off the truck as well.

In order to make this a successful move, you first have to get a good team of people that would be able to help you move. It would be wise to scroll your contact list and see if you can build your moving team with the help of family, neighbors, and friends. Having your moving team with you to move out of state can be a bit difficult especially when you consider that they may all have their living obligations to handle and may not be able to go the distance with you. This can pose a big problem, however, you may be still able to get the job done if you also have a team of friends and family who can move you in the new state.

Next, you may have some valuable items on hand that you may need to move such as a family heirloom or even art and antiques. Are you equipped to move them along with your moving team? Keep in mind that if these items are not properly packaged, you run the risk of damage to them. For these precious items, you may need to consult with a professional art and antique mover that would advise you on how to package them and where you can get the packaging materials.

In addition, there is the case of getting the right equipment to move; you can consider renting items such as dollies and moving pads for relocation. You will also require moving insurance to cover your items in case there is an accident on the road.

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