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Hiring the Cheapest Moving Company

Moving from one place to another can be tedious and definitely costly, whether you do in on your own or hire a professional mover to take care of things for you. If you are moving to a nearby area with only a few things to carry, then you can save money if you will do the move on your own. If you are moving to another town or across the country and you have lots of stuff to bring along, then hiring a professional mover is the best option to take.

Low rates being offered by some cheap moving companies can be tempting, but you need to think again because you might fall victim to scammers. While it is true that hiring a professional mover with monumental cheap rates can help you save some money, it is not always the case. If luck does not favor you, then you might just hire someone untrustworthy.

The Great Bait

There are movers who will give you cheap rates and most customers fail to ask for a written moving quote - that is a fatal mistake. There are unscrupulous movers who will do the job but when it's time for the customer to pay, they will ask for a much bigger pay than what you have verbally agreed upon.

When that happens, the customers are compelled to pay due to lack of evidence and to avoid being harassed by the no-good movers. Before you end up in such situations, it is best to ask around for trustworthy and dependable movers. If a certain moving company gives a rate that is much lower than the others, be wise and think twice, especially if the rate is not enough to even cover for the fuel that the truck might consume during the trip.

There are also some movers who hold the goods for ransom if the customers refuse to pay the sudden price hike. Again, due to lack of written proof that the client and the movers have agreed upon such rate, the client is required to pay and will be forced to pay. The client can file a complaint against the moving company and that company will be in trouble if found unregistered. Unfortunately, the whole process might eat up so much time and if you are the client, you will agree to pay first just to get your stuff back.

There are also scammers who offer lower moving rates but they don't have any intention to return your stuff once they had them. These movers are so courageous to rob you in broad daylight and even made you (willingly) let them load your stuff in their truck with a smile. As you wait for your things to arrive at your new home, they might be selling it already in another town.

There are movers who charge so low because they employ some random guys to help them with the job. They usually hire people who don't have the necessary experience and expertise to do the job right the first time. Don't be surprised that when you finally opened your boxes you discover that some (if not most) of your things are damaged. If the mover is unregistered, then don't expect them to call you back if you have complaints. Chances are great that you won't even see them again because they won't be using the same company name. Being thrifty is a good trait but you need to make sure that you are getting more than what you pay for. Check everything first before sealing the deal and make sure that everything is legit. Weigh everything, think twice, ask for recommendations, don't easily fall for sweet deals, and never equate cheap price to smart choice because there are things that more than meet the eye. Bear in mind that not because a moving company's rate is cheap, it is a good choice.

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