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Regardless of why you are moving, whether it is to go to a bigger house, going to a nicer neighborhood, or simply moving for a new job, it does not matter. You will likely find the move to be quite stressful both mentally and physically. So, how can you actually avoid most of the stress of moving? You could always outsource that liability by hiring moving services. Instead of paying for them to do everything a lot of companies actually have unique services where they only do it partially so that it fits what you need most.

Below are a few of the options that might fit your needs.

Local Moving Services

For a local moving service, there really is no job that is too small for them. Of course, everything has a price but if you are only moving right down the road, this might be a good option for you. You should keep in mind that as long as you do not cross a state line, a local move could still be a one-hundred mile move. Therefore, the term "local" can mean anything inside of the state, even though it may be all the way across the state. Perhaps a better name for local moving services would have been intrastate services. Regardless, this is good to know if you are seeking someone to do these types of services for you.

So what exactly do local moving services provide? Generally, they can do as little or as much as you would like them to do. Most local moving services are capable of preparing everything, loading it into trucks, driving the truck to the destination, unloading, and unpacking everything for you. Obviously, the more they do, the longer it takes and the more they are getting paid. Therefore, the recommendation is to have them do the things you either do not want to do, or simply can not do.

Pricing can vary for local movers but they are primarily done by an hourly rate. To ensure that you are not getting overcharged, always make sure you are contacting a legal and reputable moving service. If the rate you get sounds a little bit too high, you should contacted the State DOT to get the company's tariff. The document is public and should show what they are obligated to charge by law. It should not be over the amount shown on the document.

Packing Services

Packing services can be part of a local moving service. It is generally just the part of a move that every one dislikes the most. Instead of spending a lot of time putting things into boxes and getting everything prepared and organized, they do this for you.

A full service packing service will spend a lot of time getting things stored properly. They will come in with a surveyor to find out how many and what all is considered to be the most important items. Once they do that, they will disassemble the beds, and wrap smaller breakables in moving pads, as well as label everything according to the room and what the box may contain.

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