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How to Book a Mover

How to Book a Mover

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We have prepared an article on how or where to get free boxes. Remember that these are not the same high quality moving boxes that you will get from your movers or packaging store, but they will help you a lot especially if you want to cut your moving costs.
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Choosing trustworthy movers is one of the most important things of your moving process. You should start comparing moving companies early so you have time to find the best available deal. You should also check with your state's DOT to confirm that the moving company's license is valid.
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After you've booked the movers, you may still have questions about the process. Feel free to contact company's representative with any additional questions or suggestions. Communication is the answer to all your questions!
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How To Save Money On a Move

Unless you are making a substantial profit on your old home, moving always costs money. Rarely do people ever make anything by moving. There is usually just something appealing about it so we bite the bullet and make the transition.

Even though you know you will have to spend something, it is imperative that you try to save money where possible. You do not want to blow your moving budget on something that is not necessary. By following the things listed below, you might find that you are going to save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.

  • Never book the moving company or rental trucks without proper notice

    Six weeks in advance is the recommended time frame for reserving a rental truck or making reservations for a moving company. This will allow for plenty of time to get things squared away and negotiate the pricing.

    Rental trucks are normally more readily available than moving companies can be. However, they can become less available during the summer months. If you do not have the option to choose which company to go with, then you may find yourself stuck with a higher price tag for the rental.

  • Never move during the summer

    It is understandable that not all people can move when they want. However, you may find that waiting a little longer until the winter months you will find better deals on new homes and the moving companies will be less busy. This means that the market has turned to be a buyers market, rather than a sellers one. You have more power to negotiate your prices.

    If you are moving in the summer months, try to schedule it for a weekday. These are typically less expensive and readily available. Scheduling early in advance will help you with negotiating the prices and you will have more companies to choose from.

  • Never assume that the rental companies will tell you about any hidden fees or additional charges that they may tack on to your bill.

    Unfortunately, not everyone is as honest as I would like them to be. Many moving companies and rental agents will tell you a price, but avoid telling you about other charges you may incur. You should ask them promptly about what the final bill will be and if there are any additional charges that you will be expected to pay.

  • Never move without a good plan

    Planning will save a lot of time for you. Since you may be renting a truck or hiring a moving company, they may charge you by the hour. If they spend a lot of time wondering what you want to be moved and where you want it to go, this is costing you more money. Be aware of where items should be going at the new home.

  • Never think that moving does not need a budget

    Stick to your budget. Do not directly tell the rental agents or moving companies what your budget is exactly, but feel free to let them know you have a limit on what you can spend. Start negotiating the price to meet within your budget. You may find that they want your business and are willing to work with you on the price.

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