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There are few situations in life that bring the stress moving day inspires. Often, people wait until the last minute, convincing themselves that they do not have that much to pack, only to find that indeed, there are at least three huge truckloads and not enough boxes. If there are boxes, the tape has disappeared. Before this day, they may have had it all planned out so they would not be taking a bunch of trash. They were going to organize everything so it would go to the right rooms. Nothing ever seems to go as planned.

There are some thoughts to consider when you are looking at the housing market, such as when is the cheapest time to move? Moving costs, whether you hire a moving company or move everything yourself, can vary dramatically depending on several factors such as:

  • What time of year is best? During the summer, more people are trying to move. School is out, the temperatures are great, if not sultry, college students are either going home or entering new jobs, and people are getting married. Moving costs tend to rise during this time because as more people vie for the same resources, the market prices rise to meet the increasing demand. So, in reality, the cheapest time to move is winter. One thing to remember, before you start setting up appointments, rentals, and other plans, that if you are planning a winter move, be prepared for adverse weather, (such as snow and ice), especially if you are moving across state or country. Another option would be to check climates and choose off-months such as March, April, May, August, September, October or November. January will be the cheapest month, but it is also usually the coldest.

  • What time of month should I move? Most leases begin at the first of the month, so in reality, if you can find a deal allowing you to move mid-month, you will find the best prices. There are often properties that offer free move-in or pro-rated rent for signing a lease during off-parts of the month.

  • Should I move on the weekend? Actually, weekends tend to be more expensive. Sometimes gas prices fluctuate throughout the week and tend to be higher on the weekends.

  • At what time of day shall I plan to move? If you choose to move early morning or late evening, you can plan it so you miss rush hour traffic. This, in turn, saves gas because you are not held up at lights or parked on the interstate in a huge rental truck.

  • Moving into a new house is a big endeavor, but with planning and flexibility, you can do so for a reasonably low cost and less of a headache.

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