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You Load We Drive Service: Changing the Way You Move

Moving to a new place can be frustrating. Not only does it entail countless hours of sorting and packing, you also have to think about the cost and trouble of hiring a moving company to help you. Another thing that you have to carefully consider is the "safety" of your items. There are moving companies who offer the option of just driving your items to your new home, but the burden of loading and unloading would be with you. This new way of moving is termed, "you load we drive."

What is the concept behind this "you load we drive" thing? It is a lot different from the full moving services that you commonly encounter. This gives you another option of moving your things while saving some dollars. This type of service is highly recommended for those who are:

  • Concerned about the "safety" of personal items such as rare paintings or collectible items.
  • Moving small items such as office supplies and equipment.
  • Not experienced in driving a moving truck. In general, the "you load we drive" service is not advised if:
  • You are pregnant. It is not safe for you and your baby. Saving a few bucks is not worth your health.
  • You are seriously ill. If you have health problems like heart disease, it is better if you let somebody do the heavy lifting. Do not sacrifice your health for the move.
  • You plan to move during the winter.

    It would be best to seek the services of a moving company with professional drivers who are used to driving on wet roads.

    How do you go about the "you load we drive" service?

    The concept, as previously mentioned, means that you are the one who will load and unload your items and the moving company will just drive them to the destination. The entire process involves:

    1. Asking for a "you load we drive" specific quote from a number of moving companies.
    2. Explaining the details of your move, i.e. your address, a size of the container, and destination.
    3. Loading your items and the moving company drives your items to the destination.
    4. Upon reaching the destination, you are the one to unload the items.

    It is important that you coordinate with the moving company of the expected time the truck will arrive at your destination so you will be there to unload. Also, make sure that you can really unload all the items on your own. You can always hire a moving labor assistance through MoversCorp.

    If you want to make sure that you are getting your money's worth. You can also ask for quotes for just renting out a truck that you can drive. It is highly unlikely that you will notice a significant price difference compared to hiring a "you load we drive" moving service. The advantage of having a professional and experienced truck driver move your items will save you a lot of unnecessary stress - thinking about how "safe" your items will be during the move.

    Another benefit of hiring a "you load we drive" service is having the choice of where to move your items. Some moving companies will charge lower fees if you opt to move your items to their service center. This can be your choice of destination if the road is not accessible by a truck.

    You can ask the moving company about the type of moving trucks they have. Does the company offer other moving equipment and supplies that you can use such as furniture blankets, loading ramps, etc.? It is also important to make sure if your items would be moved along with someone else's belongings. If yes, ask if there would be compartments to separate your items. You do not want your items mixed up so, you should also try to label all your boxes.

    Before signing anything, make sure that you read the terms and conditions - even the fine print so you don't spend much more than what you are supposed to.

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