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The Most Common Disputes With Moving Companies

Disputes with movers are becoming more and more common, so make sure that you do a serious investigation before hiring a moving company. Otherwise, you might end up either filing a complaint or write down a damaging review about that company.

Investigation Steps

Do the following steps to establish the reliability of a moving company.

  • Ask your family, friends, and neighbors. Every time you hear a positive story, put the name of that company into a list. Have at least 5 names on your list. If no company names can be sourced from the people around, go through the MoversCorp listings to find reliable moving companies.

  • Refer to the watchdogs. You have partners to guide you in this endeavor. Read reviews on, check with the American Moving and Storage Association and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

  • Connect with the companies included in the shortlist.Check out the prices, handling procedures, insurance protection, staff qualifications, and their general moving procedures. If a company seems to be unwilling to provide information, strike it out from your list.

    Common Roots of Disputes

    Common reasons for complaints are:

    Late and/or Missing Delivery - Late and missing deliveries are getting very frequent nowadays. The sad thing is that it is the company who is initiating the mayhem. Make sure that the company has signed the contract and there is a stipulation in the contract that clearly defines the liability of the company in such cases. For example, the dates for picking up of the items and the delivery should be well-defined.

    Storing Undeliverable Items - Ask how the company qualifies the items that are "undeliverable". Does "undeliverable" mean that they delivered early and that the customer was not at home to receive the items? Inquire about this because a few companies have developed a good strategy on making more money. Here is the scam: those companies also own the storage facilities so they are also the ones collecting the storage fees. Try your best not to fall victim.

    Damaged Items - Look into the possibility that the company is irresponsible in handling the items. Even if the company has a good track record in this aspect, have a written guarantee that you will be paid in full if anything untoward happens. Filing a claim for damaged items can take several months. Go for a company that promises to return the replacement value of the goods they are delivering and not just the depreciated value.

    Unexpected Fees - Unexpected fees are unreasonable fees. To avoid this, there should be no open-ended charges and expenses. Check the hourly rates and compare them with other companies. Choose the most reasonable rate. Also, the company has the ability to know really well how far the items are going to be moved; most customers don't know the actual distance. It is thus easy for companies to inflate the cost for unsuspecting customers.

    Inflated Weight - Moving companies are charging customers by weight or per box. If the company is charging per weight, give them the best estimate of the total weight of your items. Come up with the best weight figure because it's possible that the company's figure will be significantly different. If the company's reading exceeds your reading by 10% or more, have them reweigh your items and provide you with an itemized listing of the weights of each. Some companies might be using non-certified or dishonest scales.

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