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Moving on your own is frustrating. Hunting down boxes, getting them packed and secured, figuring out how to get them loaded and unloaded, transporting them - it's all a lot of work. Many people believe that hiring movers is the answers - but then they might worry about how much a moving company is likely to charge. While you will always need to get a quote from a moving company to know exactly what they'll charge for your move, here are some costs and questions you can anticipate.

Are You Packing?

If your movers also need to pack up your home, they're going to charge more for the move than if they arrive and most items are ready to go. The company may bring packing materials, or you may be asked to pay for them yourself and have them available. Packing will often cost between $60-$85 an hour.

This may seem expensive but remember: while you're trying to figure out how to properly pack Grandma's china, professional movers do this every day; they probably know a great deal about the best way to get items from one place to another safely.

How Far Are You Moving?

The distance that you're moving is going to play into how much you pay. Different companies have different rules about what constitutes a local versus a long distance move, so you will need to ask your company what their rules are.

With a local or intrastate move, you will probably pay by the hour; with a long distance move, you will probably pay by the pound. Not all companies can or will do long distance moves, so it's good to let the company know where you're going to end up early in your conversation.

Extra Charges

Moving a delicate piano? Expect to pay more for transporting a big, delicate item. Usually, movers will charge between $200-$350 to move a piano.

Planning to take a long vacation during your moving period and need your items stored between pick up and delivery dates? You can also expect to pay extra for this service.

Movers also tend to book up quickly during times with many people moving, especially the beginning and end of school, so if you wait until the last moment, you may pay a premium for your move. On the other hand, if you can move during an off season, you may be able to get a discount on your overall move.

When you look at them all together, the cost of a move might make your eyes pop out just a little bit. It's a little shocking to see all those costs totaled up.

But to contrast the cost and help you understand what you might be saving with your move, consider what you'd be paying if you didn't hire a moving company.

Packing Materials

While some companies do charge separately for their packing materials, if you're moving on your own, you will definitely be paying for those boxes and bubble wrap. You will either spend your time scrounging at department stores, looking for moving boxes that meet your needs or buying products at office supply stores. Moving boxes aren't expensive, but depending how many you need, the cost can add up.

Renting vehicles

Unless you're moving things within your home or apartment, you're probably going to need to rent some kind of vehicle designed for moving. Whether you look at pod units, truck rental agencies, or borrowing a friend's van, the costs for these rentals can increase quickly. When you factor in mileage, fuel, and the worry of a breakdown along the way, the costs get even higher.

Loading and Unloading

Maybe your family can accomplish all of their loading and unloading on your own, but for many moves, this just isn't possible. You may be able to get friends and family involved if you pay them, but not everyone is willing to accept pizza and beer in exchange for a sore back and legs.

You might be better off hiring local students or day workers, but you may have worries about their ability to complete the job properly. You may need to do a lot of oversight on how things are packed to make sure items are safe and space is used efficiently.

You may find experienced moving laborers through MoversCorp. Usually, 2 helpers cost between $50-80 per hour.

Check Reputations

Whether you're using a moving company or not, make sure to check the reputations of everyone you're working with to ensure that you and your items are in good hands. Reputable moving companies should be able to provide recommendations, references, certifications, proof of insurance, and more. You can also research online to find out how other customers have experienced this company.

Making a big move is a big project. By hiring a moving company, you can make some of the work a little easier and focus on the parts of the adventure that are harder to delegate.

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