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When planning a move, there are many options, one of them is the increasingly popular moving pods. Moving pods are portable storage containers, which can be used to transport household goods to another location.
Moving Pods

After the move, many people don't need their used moving boxes and they often end up in the garbage. Others are planning to relocate and want to find free moving boxes. So how to get those free boxes?
How to Get Free Boxes

Whether you are going to move a pool table from one room to another or move across the city, it's not going to be an easy task. If you're ready for the challenge, there are a few things that you should do to get the job done right.
How to Move a Pool Table

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Different Types of Moving Boxes

You can easily compare moving boxes with shipping boxes. They have the same quality and have the same weight unless you buy some specially made box from cardboard that allows packing heavier items. Most common question that people have in their minds is, should we buy special moving boxes or should we just take some boxes from grocery stores. Ask your friends or family members who have just recently moved.

If you decide to buy moving boxes, then you should use the tips below, when the choice is made.

Type of Boxes

Purchase small moving boxes. They should not be overweighted. The packed box should weight less than 50lbs. Please consider the fact that you might need to move those boxes by yourself. It doesn't matter if you are hiring movers or not, you will need to move those boxes, from one room to another. Make sure that you can lift them up. Boxes that contain some kitchen items can be heavier. Remember, 50lbs is the limit for a small moving box.

The next is 4.5 cubic foot moving box(medium boxes). Its parameters are 18 x 18 x 24 and you can safely carry up to 65 lbs. It's perfect for some large lamps or any other kitchen items.

Then there is a 6.0 cubic foot large moving box. It can carry up to 70 lbs. Its parameters are 22 x 22 x 21. It's advised to be careful with packing this box because they might be very heavy at the end. This box is usually used for toys, pillows and couch cushions.

This next box is so called 6.1 cubic foot extra large moving box. It's a bit larger than 6.0 moving box and it has been used for items that can fit into the 6.0 moving boxes. The box is 24 x 18 x 24.

Get some various wardrobe boxes. You should get them in all kind of sizes. Each should contain a metal bar, to make moving more comfortable. You have to remember that they are very heavy and can take a lot of free space. If you can pack your clothes in a flat, that will save you some money.

Boxes for pictures and mirrors: These boxes can be telescoped. It simply means that you can put two or more boxes together. The only thing is that you need to make sure that there is a strong filament tape, it's for safety measures to handle the additional weight.

Dish boxes: They are specially made for packing the glasses and cups, so that in moving process they wouldn't break and that there are not damages done to them.

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