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How to Pack a Plasma or LCD TV

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Tips for Packing Plasma and LCD TV

So you need to pack your big plasma TV. The easiest way to do this would be to bring out the box and packaging it originally came in, and use duct tape liberally.

You Threw Away The Original Packaging
9 out of 10 times the original packaging is no longer with you. In this case, you need to make your own box container. Below is a step by step guide on How to pack a plasma TV DIY style.

Shortcut: Try Finding Another TV Box
Go to your local Walt Mart. Ask around, maybe they have a TV box with the same size. It doesn't matter if it's not the same brand, as long as it's the same size or a couple of inches bigger. You can also look online for ready-made television boxes for sale.

Step 1: Raw materials

You will need scissors or a cutter. You need to buy masking tape and duct tape, flat Styrofoam that covers the entire length of the plasma screen and edges. If you can't find Styrofoam, bubble wrap will do. A couple of boxes, when put together can easily cover the entire TV. Tip: flatten out each box. Now arrange it with a little bit of overlap. Your goal is to have twice the coverage area as your TV screen. Why twice? The first one is for the front; the second one is for the back. Add a couple more boxes for good measure.

Step 2: Assembly

Use the masking tape to fasten the flat piece of Styrofoam or bubble wrap over the plasma screen. Flatten the boxes. Measure it and then assemble it so that it is a couple of inches bigger than the screen size, on all sides.


Using your scissors, cut a diagonal line on all 4 sides that corresponds to the additional inches. This should allow you to fold the 4 sides so it cups the length of the unit. Use duct tape so all the sides are firmly in place. Now the front portion of your TV and the sides are covered.


Now you can remove the stand. Lean your TV on the wall with the back facing you. With at least 1 companion loosen the screws of the stand while your companion holds the screen. This way it doesn't drop. Repeat the same boxing technique you used earlier. This time you can skip on the Styrofoam. Go crazy on the duct tape to seal both front and back parts.

Step 3: Waterproofing

If the box will be exposed to moisture and rain, cover it with clear plastic or a black plastic bag. Duct tape the seams to create a water tight seal. Even then, be careful to minimize the container getting wet. Wipe off the same once you get it inside the moving van.

In Closing

Even when properly boxed, always handle your plasma TV with care. While making a DIY container, and transporting, it is best not to tip over the television set. Always keep it upright, or leaning against a wall at an 85 degrees angle. When transporting, lean it with the screen facing a side wall, tipped at an 85 degrees angle.

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