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How to Safely Move a Grandfather Clock

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How to Move a Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks are indeed a conversational decorative piece of any home. There's something about how exquisite it looks and what it adds to a nook in your home. No doubt while a grandfather clock makes for a great decorative figure in your home, the pain comes when you have to relocate to another home and take it along with you. A grandfather clock is a very delicate decorating accent and if one does not employ a few strategies to move it to another location; you may end up with a damaged item.

Just how does one move a huge item such as this and still have it in one piece and in working condition? Experts have outlined a few steps that should be taken in order to move your clock successfully. The first step in moving a grandfather clock is to have the clock all wind up which would bring the weights close to the seat board. By doing this you would be able to carry both the weight and the pulley in hand so that it would be easy to move it and then later reassemble it.

The next step would be to remove the hood of the clock so as to reveal the movement and dial area. Since the removal of the weight can cause the gut line to fall out of place, your best bet would be to seal the gut line area with masking tape. The gut line can be found close to the strike and going barrels. Remove the weights and label the parts which would identify the left side and right side of the weights or the number of weights so that it would be easy to reassemble.

The clock's pendulum is the next part to remove from its movement. Be on the look out for the fragile suspension spring which is a thin spring steel located at the pendulum's top. With the pendulum removed, you should now lift the move and dial from the case so that it would be away from the trunk cheeks. This is achieved by lifting everything including the seat board which you should later relocate to the packing case. Always have the movement and dial in an upright position and pay particular attention to the gut lines which could get crushed by the bottom of the dial.

Also in the upright position, you are not only keeping the clock hands in a safe position but you are also protecting the front of the dial and preventing damage to the crutch which is situated at the back of the movement.

Now that you are ready to move your clock you would now have to decide whether you are going to use your own vehicle or have professional movers take it to your next location. Moving experts say that if you are moving the clock to your own vehicle you should double check that the clock's casing is well secured so that it would not slide in your car as you drive. The suspension spring at the pendulum's end is one of the most fragile parts of the clock so in order to further protect it you can reinforce it with a cardboard type material.

Similarly, weights should also be packed away safely so as to avoid it moving around as you travel. Even if you decide to use a moving company, follow our aforementioned steps and have your clock all packaged and secured and ready for pickup by the movers.

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