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Good and efficient packing of your electronics is essential for a successful move. We have put helpful tips on how to pack and move your TVs and other electronic equipment.
Packing and Moving Electronics

So if you are moving yourself you should know how to properly pack and load your rental truck. There are few tricks and tips on how to pack a truck the right and the most efficient way.
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If you are planning on Do It Yourself moving, consider hiring professional movers on both ends to help you with loading and unloading your truck.
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How to Move Yourself

If you're on a tight budget or want to save money, one of the easiest ways to save on your moving costs is to do it yourself. And most times a do-it-yourself moving option is definitely cheaper than hiring professional movers. This moving option is cheaper, but requires you to do all the work: planning, packing, driving, loading, unloading a truck and unpacking yourself. If you're thinking of moving yourself, whether it's a local or cross-country move, there are several possibilities to choose from depending on your needs and budget.

Handling your own move allows you to move at your convenience, but don't underestimate how much work and how much money a do-it-yourself move entails. Packing, loading, unloading and driving can be very time-consuming. Do you have that time? This is a hard work, make sure that you physically capable of loading and unloading on both ends of the move, unless you rely on family and friends to help.

Whether across town or across the state, you can rent a moving truck from local rental agencies, or use your or family member's pick-up truck (this option works well for small local moves). Call a few truck rental agencies to find the one that is right for you. Remember not to call the truck rental companies at the last minute, sometimes you will not be able to find an available truck, especially at the end of the week and at the end of the month.

There are peak seasons in the relocation industry too. Reserve the truck at least two weeks before the move. When renting a truck, you have to make sure that the truck is large enough for your move. You also need to be sure that you know how to drive the truck. The major expense in moving yourself is renting a truck. There is a gas expense and, if you move locally, often you'll pay for mileage as well.

Call your friends or family members and start the work: pack the boxes, wrap and load your household goods and then unload your belongings into your new home. Make sure you have enough moving supplies, pads, and the right equipment. Most of the rental agencies now offer moving equipment and blankets. You will need pad your furniture, valuables, antiques, and TVs, so they don't get scratched or ripped during the move.

Check with your homeowners' insurance or renter's insurance agency to see if your move is covered by them. You can also purchase additional auto and cargo insurance through rental agencies. It sounds easy, but it doesn't always go easy and smooth.

If you have heavy and large furniture and appliances you may need extra hands. Consider hiring professional help by contacting local movers, where you can hire laborers only for a few hours. In addition to saving your back on the heaviest items, professional loaders with experience can help you maximize the space in your rental truck.

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