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How to Book a Mover

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Besides packing and moving, one of the most problematic issues is children. Relocating from one home to another may affect young children. So it's important for every parent to talk with children just to make the whole moving process easier for everyone.
Moving With Children

Moving labor service is extremely popular among do-it-yourself and self-service movers. A moving labor service is a company or individuals that provide professional moving labor to help you load or unload your container or rental truck.
Moving Labor Services

Moving is not cheap, it can cost hundreds of dollars. And if there is a possibility to save some extra money, why don't you go for It?
How To Save Money On a Move

By creating a moving budget you'll be able to know the real costs of moving a home. It will also help to find ways to save on your move. The following article will guide you on how to budget your moving expenses.
How To Budget Moving Expenses

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How to Move Your Pet Safely

Moving to your new home can be extremely exciting, but it may become a stressful time for everyone including your pets. Always plan ahead, advance planning will make your move less stressful and more successful for you, your family and your pets. Keep your pets' routines as regular as possible as you prepare to move. The Humane Society recommends pets travel by car rather than an airline, especially if you're experiencing a cross-country move. There is nothing wrong with that, it is legal. To help make your move easier for your pets, we have put together this guide.

Moving Pets by Car

Local Move

Keep your pet in a secure unused room inside of the home, while movers are packing, loading and transporting your goods. Be sure to provide your pet with fresh water at all times. You may also leave your pet with friends or relatives. Make sure this person is comfortable and familiar with your pet. For local moves, transporting your pet by car with you is the most practical and efficient way. Moving companies are not permitted to transport pets.

Long-Distance Move

Prior to moving, take your pets to the veterinarian for physical exam and health documents. Almost every state has laws applicable to the entry of pet. Make sure you comply with the laws of the state which you are moving to. Don't forget to obtain travel identification tag. Your vet will give you more information. For dogs and cats, a kennel is the most useful item you can have for long distance moves with an overnight trip (call ahead to find a hotel that accepts pets, if needed).

You should plan on taking a travel kit for your pet including:
1. Pet's regular food and fresh water.
2. Food and water bowls
3. Bed sheet or a blanket
4. Leash
5. Paper towels and plastic bags
6. Medications.

Transporting your pets by air

If you are moving across the country, you might decide to transport your pet by air with you. Many airlines don't allow pets at all. Make your flight arrangements in advance, so you can learn the regulations and requirements.

Some airlines permit small pets in passenger cabins if their carrier fits under the seat. Otherwise, larger pets must travel as air freight. Your pet's carrier must be approved for use on an airplane.

Here are some tips to follow for successful transportation:
1. Have all pet's health documents; most airlines require an up-to-date health certificate.
2. Have strong, durable container that meets airline specifications.
3. Confirm rules and regulations with your pet transporter.
4. Deliver your pet to the air freight terminal on time.
5. Always keep some form of identification on the pet.

Transport Services
If everything fails, you may want to hire an animal transport service.

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