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One thing that would guarantee a smooth is if you keep things upfront and above board with your moving company. There are some who tend to leave out the little details when talking to movers while shopping around for quotes; it is these little details that can yield a cheap or expensive quote. That’s why it is imperative to provide the mover with all the information necessary so that on moving day you would not be stuck in your old home because the actual price for moving turned out to be more than you ever bargained for.

Usually, movers can give you a price estimate depending on the size of your home and the items that you have in your home. If you are not sure about the weight of items, you can pretty much be as descriptive as possible and they would get the general idea about what you are talking about. For instance, telling the movers that you wish to move two beds would not help them with giving you an accurate price quote. Instead, you need to let them know if it is a king or queen sized bed and if it has extras such as a wooden or wrought iron headboard or if it contains a box spring. By providing this bit of information, the movers would also be able to include the price that it would take their workers to break down the item and put it back up again.

Similarly, when describing sofas, you would also want to let the movers know if you have a futon, sectionals or if the furniture is able to recline.

The movers would also want to know about the size of TV that you have presently at your house so be sure to provide them with the accurate inches of the television. You should even mention the brand name of the televisions in your home; depending on the brand that you may have, although same size inches, the televisions tend to be slightly heavier than others. Moving companies are aware of this and so they would know how to calculate the cost for moving once you mention a brand name.

Do you own a filing cabinet? If so, is it fireproof? Well if it isn't fireproof you would get a much lower price quote than the fireproof cabinets which are much heavier to carry around.

Furniture and household items aside, make it your top priority to tell the mover about all the long and short stairs in your home and outside on your porch area. This would give them advance warning that they should bring along suitable moving equipment for easy access.

Even if you live a short distance from where the moving truck is allowed to park, you also need to notify your movers. In some States where parking is prohibited too close to a residential street or area, one can apply for a waiver which would allow someone to park closer to the home of the person who is moving where the truck can easily be loaded.

Finally, make a list of your household items that you would be moving. Even if you remember a few more after talking to the movers, you should email it to them to keep them updated.

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