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Preparing Your Child for a Move

Moving house is never a fun time for children, especially when it comes to the younger kids. While it may be easy for adults to uproot and embrace their new beginnings, kids tend to be a lot more emotional, especially if they are moving to another city or town. Moving for a child means that he would have to make new friends, attend a new school and adapt to the new neighborhood. Changes such as these are a lot for a child to take but as parents, there is a lot that you can do to make the move to the new house an easy transition for the kids.

No doubt the kids would have a lot of questions to ask, so make it a family time to provide their answers in an honest fashion. The family meeting does not have to be at your home; rather you can go to your kid's favorite restaurant where and talk about their moving concerns and questions.

If your child is concerned about making new friends, let them know that they do not have to get rid of their old ones. You can do this by providing your child with an address book so that they can get the phone numbers, physical and email addresses of their friends and even their former teachers so that they can keep in touch on a regular basis.

In addition, you can prepare your child to say goodbye to old friends and acquaintances by throwing a farewell party. By giving your child the responsibility of choosing who he wants to invite, right down to selecting what they would eat at the party could really take your child's mind off of the stresses of moving.

Once your child has warmed up a little about your moving plans, start talking to him about the schools and the recreation that is available in your new neighborhood. For instance, if your child is a huge soccer fan, let him know that the possibility exists that he could attend the school with a very successful soccer team. Your new home may be situated within close proximity to his favorite restaurant or water theme park so that he would have something to look forward to.

If you can schedule it, it would be best to move into your new town around the time that the new school year starts. Experts say that this is a good time to move your children since a new school year means that new children will also be registered to attend. This way your child would not feel as the "odd person out" as he would not be the only new person there.

School aside, if you have a child that would be getting his own room at the new house rather than having to share his space with his sibling in the old house, allow the kids free reign to design and decorate their own sleeping space. Allow them to choose their room's color scheme in terms of the walls, furniture, and even drapes. You would be surprised how this room decorating project can spark excitement to move.

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