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Are you searching for DC moving companies, then you have found the right place. Finding professional District of Columbia movers has never been so easy. Just enter your zip code and moving day in the search box to view available DC moving service providers in your area. You will also find many moving tips that will help you with a move.

Damages can happen when you hire a residential moving company in DC to relocate your household goods, the Washington, DC moving companies are required to provide basic insurance coverage for your goods. Even with this basic insurance, purchasing additional coverage might be a good idea.
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According to government regulations, there are some items that professional moving companies in DC are prohibited to transport because of safety implications that might pose a threat. So, it's very important to know what to pack and what not to pack. Even if you pack and move on your own, you still want to consider what items to leave behind.
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Moving Companies in Washington, D.C. and City Information

Are you moving to Washington, D.C. and need help with your move? MoversCorp is ready to assist you with your move. We provide professional and cost effective D.C. movers and helpers for any type of move. Whether you need a moving labor or full-service D.C. moving company, you will find them on our site.

You should know that moving to Washington D.C. can be a great change in your life. D.C. is not a state; it is one of the best cities on the earth to start a new career or a business. It could be something that you have never experienced in your life.

People often ask, "When is the cheapest and best time to move to Washington, D.C?" It depends on whether you move alone or with your family. Usually, the cheapest time of the year to move to D.C. are spring-winter. However, if you have school age children, it would be difficult to make it work.

Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia, with the total area of 68.3 square miles is the capital of the United States of America. On July 16, 1790, the United States Congress by carving out Maryland and Virginia, under the control of the federal government established Washington D.C. Washington D.C. is not part of any State; it's designed specifically to house the federal government and politics.

The original name of Washington D.C. was "Federal City." 61.4 square miles of D.C.'s area is land and 6.9 square miles is water. Washington, D.C with 19.4% ties New York City for having the largest percentage of parkland among high-density cities. Its history, marble monuments, Smithsonian museums, special events and beautiful cultural centers attract lots of visitors each year.

The Washington, DC is an area with a great diversity of people from different backgrounds, countries, religions and economic levels. It is an excellent place to live with a variety of choices for work but the cost of living and the real estate is among the highest in the country. Washington D.C.'s residents have high education levels and high incomes. The traffic in Washington, D.C is terrible, most young residents rely on the Metro System for public transportation. It has a unique geographical location as it is within a short distance of major metro areas such as Baltimore, Annapolis, Wilmington, Philadelphia, and New York.

Quick Facts

12.3% of the population is persons 65 years old and over.
6.0% of the population is persons under 5 years old.
19.8% of the population is persons under 18 years old.

Unlike other large cities in the United States, skyscrapers do not dominate in Washington, D.C. Congress passed a law in 1910 to prevent federal monuments from being overshadowed by commercial construction.

Washington D.C. is a home to Howard University, one of the most important historically black colleges.

Family living in the Washington D.C. area is very exciting. There are so many free attractions in D.C. such as the home of George Washington and his family (Mount Vernon), US Capitol Building, White House, The Octagon Museum, Kennedy Center and much more.

Washington, DC Official Website
Washington, DC Department of Motor Vehicles Telephone: 202-737-4404
Washington, DC Department of Education Telephone: 202-442-5885
Storage Facilities in Washington, DC

D.C. borders with Virginia and Maryland.

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Shop for the best Washington, D.C local movers on our website. Movers Corp gives you an opportunity to compare local movers and DC moving services online. Choose the moving company in Washington, DC that is right for you, based on their offered moving services and customers' testimonials.

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