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Moving Checklist - Organize Your Move

How to Book a Mover

How to Book a Mover

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If you have to pack, one of the most tiring rooms to pack is the kitchen. Preparation is crucial when packing a kitchen, especially fragile items. Therefore, Movers Corp has prepared tips on how to pack and prepare your kitchen for a move.
Packing a Kitchen

Compensating for a professional job is normal in the service industry and movers are considered part of the service trade. Unlike other industries, there is no typical amount to tip movers.
How Much to Tip the Movers

Besides hiring movers and buying moving boxes, there are many other things that you need to take care of. One of these crucial tasks is to change your address with the local post office.
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Organize Your Move With A Moving Checklist

Moving is a stressful task, we all know that. You have to do so many things; getting your child in a new school, packing everything in boxes, scheduling the movers; it all can cause a hard time for you and your family. At the end, you will realize that it's not impossible to get everything done on time and in a timely manner.

Try to organize your activities. Provide a checklist of different tasks that should be accomplished at the end. You should provide a checklist at least one month before moving and it should be well advanced, it's that simple. Write down few important things that should not be forgotten and attach it to your fridge, it is a perfect place where everyone can see it. If you remember something that has not been written on that checklist, write it there immediately, if not you might forget about it. Once the moving time is getting closer, you might want to upgrade your checklist into the calendar format, where each day will be focused on a certain task.

There should be useful information such as notifying your phone company that you are leaving. Once the task is accomplished and dealt with it, cross it out. You will be able to control all your activities. You can also modify your list. Add the certain person name that needs to do the next task in the checklist and by what time he has to finish it. Controlling everything is the key for a perfect moving. When the certain task is completed, cross out of the checklist those people who were responsible for it. Using this method you will easily avoid any unneeded problems.

It's just natural, that once the moving time comes closer there will be plenty of tasks left on your checklist that are unfinished and needs to be done. Just make sure that the first thing that you need to do is to pack your things. On the other hand, the last thing to do is to unpack your boxes at your new house. Sometimes it's necessary to add some specific tasks to your checklist, but there is no time left, then you have to see them by situation if it can be done quickly or not. Most common tasks that your list might include are:

Buy boxes and get some packing materials, maybe instructions if needed.

Make sure that you pack all necessary items, like a coffee machine and everything else that you would need in your new house. Coordinate the next step, once you are moved in your new house.
Call some specialist to inspect your new house.

Give your new address and your new phone number to all your friends, business associates, and relatives.
Schedule your moving company.
Provide new address on your checks and cards.
Schedule the final inspect on your new home.

Schedule the cleaning process on your old house, so those new residents would have a clean place to stay.

The checklist will play a big role in your moving process. Of course, it won't make everything to happen right, but with the checklist you can do your unnecessary work smoothly, without any glitches or troubles.

You may find more helpful moving tips at Movers Corp such as storage tips, packing tips and much more.

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