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How to Protect and Pack Furniture

In most moving projects, the act of furniture moving takes prominence as one of the more stressful tasks associated with relocating. Furniture such as beds, tables, grandfather clocks and even sofas have proven to be a mover's nightmare to get from point A to the front door that most choose to call in the professional movers to handle it. Since not everyone can afford to employ the services of a professional mover, a well-structured plan to get the heavy items out of your old house to the new would prove to be very rewarding in the end.

If you haven't done so already, you should draw up an inventory list that would contain all the heavy furniture in your home; the list can also assist you in knowing how much work you have to get done with the heavy moving project as well as it would also determine how many "hands" you are to request for help.

Next, gather up items that would help to protect your furniture during transit. These items would include materials that would bolster the furniture to prevent it from getting damaged on the truck. You would need items such as mattress and sofa cover as well as sheets of cardboard, and tape and bubble wrap to name a few.

Even before your friends come over to help you package your large items for moving you should first try to clean the furniture whether it is dusting it or wiping it down, removing cobwebs if there are any etc. You would find that this cleaning in advance would save you time when you move into the new home.

When your help arrives, get them to assist you in clearing out the drawers of the cabinets or dressers; for the sofa or chair remove the cushions. The next step is the hardest and this involves disassembling the pieces of the furniture one by one. While disassembling your furniture makes it easy for transporting, it could also be different when you consider having to keep all the pieces together to make the assembling run smoothly when you relocate.

Therefore it would be wise to have a few Ziploc bags with labels handy so you can place the bolts, nuts, and screws from your furniture as well as manuals in them. After labeling the bags you can either put them away safely where you would remember to find them or what most experts would recommend is that you tape the Ziploc bags to the underside of the furniture making sure that they are well secured.

The disassembled furniture should be bubble wrapped and placed in a labeled box so that it is easy to identify. Be sure to move all the legs and arms of the furniture, especially the table or living room set as you do not want your furniture to damage on the way out nor do you want to leave a mark on the walls either.

Probably one of the hardest types of furniture to relocate is the ones that contain glass. For these would advise that you cover it up with cardboard boxes or you can conceal the glass in thick moving blankets so that it would not break or crack once loaded on the truck. You can do all the aforementioned and not pack your truck properly; ensure that you remove the heavier items from those that are fragile. Pack your moving vehicle sensibly in order to save yourself from having to purchase more furniture in your new home.

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