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Changing Your Address When Moving

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How To Change a Mailing Address

When moving from one location to another, most people are more concentrated on things such as budgeting finances to accommodate the movers and packing etc that it is easy to forget something as important as changing your mailing address.

Getting an early start on changing your mailing address before moving will avoid chaos in the long run. Just think about how chaotic it can be if you were to miss out on receiving your monthly bills at your new home because you haven't changed your address in time. For one thing, if that were to happen you would find yourself all moved into your brand new home without the use of electricity, cable television and Internet access to name a few.

By applying for your change of address in advance, you are ensuring that your services would not be cut off. The process of having your mail sent to your new address is simple and very convenient. There was actually a time when you had to go to the post office to have your address changed. These days one can change their address by logging on to the USPS website. From there you would be able to navigate to the "change of address" section where you would fill out your information. You would be asked a few questions on the application which would include your former address, your new address and if you are setting up a temporary or permanent redirection of your mail among other things.

After submitting your information to USPS you will receive a confirmation of your request to change address at your old location. This is called a Change of Address Move Validation Letter. Similarly, at the new address, the postal office would send you a welcome kit as well as another confirmation letter.

If you have not done it months in advance before you move to your new location then you need to inform the utility companies of your new address so that they can transfer your service. Depending on where you move, you may not get the same service provider for cable, Internet or phone service as you did in your old home. If this is the case then you would have to call the companies that serve your new area and open a few new accounts.

Utility and cable services aside, there are a few other companies that need to be notified about your impending move. They include the banks, your creditors and not to mention your family and friends.

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