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Moving process can disturb children of any age. It repeatedly causes them to feel anxious and uncertain. But, don’t give up; there are many things you can do to make the relocation event less stressful for your children.
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If you can choose when you move from one place to another, be sure to do it wisely as it would reflect on your moving process. Like everything else, your move should also be well planned to avoid all the stress and anxiety that one feels when making such a move. In addition, planning and scheduling your move can also speed up the process of your move so that you would be in your new house before you know it.

The first thing that you want to do is to plan which day of the week that you want to move. If you have used up all your vacation time you may more likely be inclined to move on your day off or over the weekend. If this is the case then you should let prospective moving companies know about the day that you are able to move and find out if there is an extra fee for moving, especially on the weekends.

If the rates are higher over the weekend and you must move, try to do so on your day off during the week. If you have used up all your holiday time your boss may not object to you taking the days away from work especially if you opt to do so without pay.

For some, the weekend moving price may be right up their alley. If this is the case then try to book your weekend some two to four weeks in advance to secure your day and time as well. By reserving your moving space ahead of time you are guaranteed to get a top-notch moving company that would be available than having to wait until last minute to get someone who may not be in the business that long.

Another factor that you have to take into consideration when scheduling your move is deciding whether you should move during the morning or afternoon hours. Moving experts say that the morning hours are best to move since it's when the movers work on a freer and clear schedule. By choosing an afternoon move you could run into some problems especially if the movers have lots of heavy items to relocate for a customer which would cause them to cut into your allotted time.

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