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Items People Forget When Moving

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Things Not to Forget when Moving

When people are moving to a new house, there are some important things they usually forget. The usual things they do not forget to bring are the big ones such as appliances, furniture, money, and clothes. This article will list some of the items people forget when moving so that when you move out, you will be aware of them.

You may have brought clothes to the dry cleaner or laundry. Check with these companies if you have forgotten any of your clothes there.

Before you leave the house, do not forget to check your attic, basement, shed and garage. You may have things there that you have not packed up. In addition, check the locker in your office or gym for things you have forgotten, especially if you are moving out of town.

People tend to forget their safety deposit box, especially if it is locked somewhere.

Your neighbors may have borrowed some of your stuff such as books, kitchen utensils, and appliances. Ask your neighbors if they are through with your things as you need to bring them with you in the new house.

Check your medicine cabinet as you may have important medicines there. Medicines are very expensive these days so bring yours to be spared from buying new ones.

You may forget your decors, curtains, and rugs. Usually, these are forgotten because you concentrate on things that are not attached to the house such as furniture and appliances.

Many people forget to bring their shoes with them. Get empty shoe boxes from your local shoe store so that you can place your shoes there and do not leave them behind.

You may have buried some secret treasure somewhere in the ground such as money, gold or memorable pieces. Dig those up and make sure to bring them with you.

Do not forget your phone book or telephone directory. You will need those contact numbers when you transfer to your new house. The addresses and telephone numbers in there will come in handy, especially during special occasions where you have to send out greeting cards.

People tend to forget their gardening tools. Check your garden for some tools and ornaments you just placed there. Do not forget to visit your shed for such items.

Do not forget your toiletries like your toothbrush. You will need them once you arrive in your new place. Check your bathroom for towels, shower curtains, shower caps and the like. You may have installed a water heater so do not forget this.

Do not forget your personal records because people moving out usually forget them. Go to your doctor, dentist, vet and other offices which have your medical records, birth certificates and the like. If anybody in your family becomes sick once you have transferred to a new place, it can be really inconvenient and costly to have your medical records sent to you.

Make sure you also have your checkbooks and bank account passbooks as these are very important.

Retrieve all the keys you have given out to your neighbors, relatives, and friends. You need to collect them and give them to the new occupants of your old house. These are keys to the front door, back door, bedrooms, bathroom, garage, attic, basement and shed.

Gather all your cleaning supplies and place them in a separate container or box. Clean your old house even if you will not be given back a cleaning deposit. This will show respect to the landlord and to the new occupants.

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