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Movers: The Scope of Their Job and Responsibilities

Services of movers or moving companies at the current times meet high market demands. People are constantly moving from one place to another and the need to carry their possessions with them will always be there. The amount that should be paid for a mover could reach considerable amounts. It is for this reason that consumers should know what they are really paying for. The same thing goes for those who are planning to get involved in the industry of moving services. They must know the scope of jobs and responsibilities that movers should perform.

  • Do Movers Need Special Training or Specific Educational Qualifications?

    Moving companies will usually hire people who are at least graduates of high school or those who have GED certificates. There are no special college degrees that need to be completed in order to become a part of a moving company. Employees who are in an entry-level position would have undergone a special training regarding operations, customer courtesy, company policies, and other similar things. There are usual employment requirements such as background checks and skill validations. Those who will cross state borders will usually have to be educated about specific laws and transit rules. In general, those who will load and unload trucks just have to be physically capable, courteous and know how to deliver excellent customer services.

  • What Specific Duties Are Movers Paid to Do?

    While there are varied service packages that could be offered by moving companies, there are common jobs that all movers do. These include the following:

  • Moving of materials: Getting items that will be indicated by customers moved from one place to another is the primary job of movers. These could range from small items such as lightweight appliances to massive furniture sets. The items to be transported are usually listed and attached to the contract that will be signed between the moving company and a client.

  • Assembly/Disassembly: If there are items that are composed of many small components, the mover could offer to have it disassembled, transported, and then re-assembled when it reaches the destination. There are companies who are able to disassemble/assemble whole facilities if needed. Of course, this service would entail added charges or fees. The good thing about this job coverage is that the client can just enjoy the privilege of moving in and have nothing more to worry about when it comes to assembling complicated pieces of furniture.

  • Packing: One very specific job of moving companies is to properly pack items to be moved so that damage during transit could be avoided. While movers are already trained on how to do the packaging of specific items, clients could give instructions on how to handle and prepare sensitive cargo. Of course, this should be mentioned during the planning and negotiation phase. Materials that will be used are provided by the moving company.

  • Loading and Unloading: Movers don't just transport materials. They have the job of loading and unloading the furniture and boxes that were entrusted to them. Of course, there are moving companies that don't automatically do this most especially when the client has specified that loading and unloading will be done through his or her own people and equipment. This would shave off considerable amounts on the final bill to be paid by a client.

  • Factors That Affect Fees Charged by Movers Yes, there are standard rates that are implemented in the industry. However, scenarios for every job could vary to a great extent. Before moving quotes are given by moving companies, it is their job to do an assessment of the specifics of a client's order. Factors such as the season, distance to be covered, quantities of materials to be transported, special moving requirements, and other similar things will affect the service rates charged by a mover.

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