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Hidden Costs Of a Move

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How to Book a Mover

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When most people determine their relocation costs, they only think about transporting household goods from one place to another. What is often fail to notice is the money they will spend on tiny details.
Creating a Moving Budget

It is a common thing tip the moving crew at the end of the day. Tips differ depending on the size and difficulty of the move as well as the efforts made by the movers.
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Fragile items are some of the hardest things to pack. It is important to pay attention to fragile items in your home, and ensure they are correctly taken care of during transportation.
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In the moving industry, there are two types of moving quotes; binding and non-binding. Before you plan on hiring a moving company you should know the differences between those quotes.
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How To Avoid Extra Moving Charges

When you are thinking about moving house, the first rule of thumb would be to compare moving rates from prospective moving companies. But even after getting these rates, how many of you actually take the time to sit and read through every detail of it?

Sadly because of the stress that goes with moving most people are more concerned about getting their items to their new location than they are about reading the document that they are given. Too often moving companies neglect to verbally tell customers about their hidden fees. Information about these surprise charges though can be found in your estimate document. By reading this article, you will save yourself from paying extra money than you bargain for when moving day comes.

Moving experts have outlined a few things that you should zero in on when reading your estimates.

If you are using moving blankets in your relocation, chances are you may be asked to pay a rental fee on it. Not every moving company would charge a fee for this but it is recommended that you still check your estimate for this just in case.

Also, ensure that you pack and properly seal your moving boxes or else the moving company would charge you just for reinforcing your parcel with tape. Charges can also incur if you have a staircase in your current home or would have it in your new one. Remember to let your moving company know about these staircases so that you would not be surprised when you receive the bill. Staircases are very challenging when it comes to moving and you want to make sure that you are told about the price to get this job done beforehand so that you would have the option to negotiate a better price or take your business elsewhere.

Similarly, the distance from your old or new home to where the moving van can legally park could also cause you an additional expense. Again, let your moving company know beforehand of moving hurdles such as these.

Other charges that are added to your estimate include gas surcharges and some companies would even charge you extra just for running your credit card for a payment. Also, in moving, there are restrictions for some moving companies crossing some of the bigger cities. This means that although your moving may not be able to move you directly from out of your home, they would have another mover that operates within your area come and move you and your items. With two companies relocating you, this would no doubt be costly to you at the end of the day.

Do your homework before you move and research information about your moving company, its policies, ex-clients, track record etc. But most of all read your estimate days before moving day so as to give yourself enough time to look around for another moving company should you need one.

Movers Corp helps you to avoid the unexpected moving charges. Every mover listed on our site discloses all the fees associated with your move.

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