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One of the devastating rooms to pack is the kitchen. With so many fragile items in a kitchen, packing and moving it can be a bit complicated. Follow the steps below to see what moving boxes and supplies will make transporting your kitchen safer.
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There are many residential moving companies to choose from in major cities. Their rates, services, and movers will vary greatly. To make sure you're hiring the best available company, make sure to ask the right questions.
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The day you have been waiting and planning for is here. You are surely ready for it, and here are a few more tips for the moving day.
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Packing Fragile Items For a Move

There are some people who have a knack for packing boxes for moving while there are others who are more content with throwing stuff together in a box without rhyme or reason. The easiest part about packing is when you have to package toys for the kids, clothing and the like. The real challenge comes when you have to pack your fragile items for moving and not to mention your much larger items that can be a bit tricky when handling.

But like everything else, there is a definitely a way in which to pack the aforementioned items that would allow your items to arrive at its destination in one piece. Any professional mover would tell you that moving pictures and mirrors can be a stressful task. But luckily there are some movers who provide packaging that is great for moving these items.

Should you not be so lucky, then you would have to resort to storing these items in a box that is sturdy so that they can stack easily next to each other. Materials such as polystyrene filler, bubble wrap and sometimes even old newspapers are all great for protecting these fragile items while they are in the box. Bubble wrap and newspaper are both also great for wrapping and protecting glasses and cups and these items should be reinforced with the use of tape around them to hold them in place.

This method is also great for packing antiques and collectibles. As you pack your cups and glasses, experts would advise that you pack them a layer at a time ensuring that there is space between each layer for extra padding.

The same goes for packing tableware such as plates. Not only should you try to locate a durable box for stacking these items. The best way to pack plates is by stacking them with other like-sized plates for if you were to try to pack saucers with dinner plates then be prepared to get broken dishes. Wine is also another item that one must store with great care so as to avoid shaking or spillage. Ask your mover or your wine supplier for boxes that may be appropriate for storing wines.

Next, you may have been putting off having to move the TV's and entertainment centers for a few days but the reality is that they have to be moved eventually. These items should be stored in their original boxes if you still have them. These original boxes would have the right padding and protection that is needed to keep your large items intact. If you do not have the original boxes, then seek out shallow boxes from your neighborhood grocery store and make sure that you put a lot of padding in it.

The last thing that you should pack to move would be your house plants. Plants are also very fragile and because of that, they should be placed in a plastic bag filled with water. Be sure to leave a little opening at the top of the bag so that air could get in. Larger house plants should be placed in large cardboard boxes.

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