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Guide to Packing the Living Room and Family Room

Moving your living room can seem like a chore, but once you get into a groove, and go step by step, time will fly by. Especially if you a group of people working together!

First, if you have children under the age of reason (I say about 10) try to get a sitter or organize a playdate with their friends while you move. If they are of age and proper discipline, they can help move! In the case of the living room though, there are a lot of dangerous things, so I would advise they be at least 12 to assist. I'll be putting in small tasks that they can do during this guide.

One of the things your child(ren) can do is make sure all garbage is discarded. There's nothing more irritating than moving irrelevant junk around while trying to pack. Next, find anything that doesn't belong in the living room. For example: Kids toys, shoes, etc. Once again, just getting the kids involved can be a big help. In the meantime, you'll be doing the next step.

Now that the bare essentials to your living room are left, start disconnecting your electronics such as the T.V. and computer (if there is one in this room). If you like to listen to music while you pack, you can leave the stereo system plugged in and playing. Our advice though, especially if you're moving alone, use headphones instead. If you're moving with friends or family, go without music. You'll need each other's undivided attention for safety reasons.

Now that the entertainment center has been unplugged, remove the input cables, i.e. HDMI, A/V, etc. If you can, label them accordingly. For example, if it's the HDMI from TV to Blue Ray, take a piece of tape and a sharpie and write: TV - Blue Ray. This will help, as sometimes the input wires are different lengths, and won't reach unless you use the exact same set-up as before.

Next, take the wires from said devices and put them in a separate box labeled: Entertainment wires. You'll thank me later when the T.V. doesn't bend that expensive HDMI cable. Next, you'll want to pack/remove the T.V. and any other visual forms of entertainment. No distractions!

Parent Tip: Once you have them all organized, your child can box up the cables and if capable, do the labeling of said wires for you!

You'll want a friend in helping you move the coffee table and sofa(s). When moving furniture as large as couches or furniture, it's best to bend your knees, not your back, and place your fingers under the heaviest part. Then, simply stand straight up with the furniture under your fingers. As for how to get it out of the house, that can be the biggest challenge. If you have a sliding glass door in the living room, it can be a big help. As for the coffee table, they are typically made of two pieces, the glass top, and the metal base. With a friend, move the glass top first. When you place the table top into your moving vehicle of choice, make sure it's laying down on a blanket, comforter, or quilt. Do not, I repeat, do not lay anything on top of it. A second trip is well worth it in the end.

Parent tip: I wouldn't advise moving furniture with a child until they start hitting puberty. Even then, it's still a daunting task for their bodies.

Moving by yourself can be a real pain. In all actuality, it's down right impossible to move a couch on your own. The best way to gather a team of helpers is FOOD! Just order a pizza or two and you'll have a healthy and fed workforce to help make the move easier and faster.

When moving delicate things such as lamps, remove the bulb and place them in bubble wrap or even newspaper before moving the lamp itself. If you have a rug, move it last. Simply roll it up. To keep it rolled up, you can tie a trash-bag around it like a large tie. This will keep it rolled up, nice and neat, and the move won't get it dirty.

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