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How to Move Large and Heavy Furniture

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How to Book a Mover

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How to Move Large Pieces of Furniture Yourself

Whether you are moving locally or long distance, one thing you have to deal with is your furniture. Moving any kind of furniture involves hard work, but carrying the heavy stuff around requires skill and patience. There is at least one thing in every household that is hard to move. A dresser that won't go through the door or a china hutch that is not only heavy but is also fragile. It's heavy, awkward and expensive, so it must be handled carefully and properly in order to avoid any damage.

If you feel your items are too heavy for you to lift, you probably should hire professional local movers. Hiring professional moving company takes your stress away while your furniture is easily and securely moved to a new home. It is also a good idea to insure your belongings if you're contracting professional moving service, especially if you have antique and/or modern furniture. Hiring experienced movers with good past track record sometimes is a necessary step in the moving process. Before hiring professional movers, make sure to learn about different moving companies and compare their moving rates.

If you decided on Do-It-Yourself move, then you need to know how to prepare and move your awkward and heavy items. Here are some helpful tips for you:

First, prepare the furniture that requires disassembly. These will be time-consuming, so start doing it as soon as possible. Remove all glass tops, shelves or bed frames and keep the hardware in separate plastic bags. Wrap the glass pieces with moving pads. You can also remove the doors in your home in order to gain some additional room.

Before moving furniture, locate things that can be on your way while your move is taking place. For example, light fixtures, entrance doors, railings can cause damage to the furniture and be damaged while moving furniture.

Using moving pads is important especially if you are storing your goods in a storage facility. Firmly hold the furniture you are moving. Ensure that it does not slip from your hands. Move furniture very carefully. Bumping the furniture against walls will cause damage to your furniture.

Do not slide or drag furniture along the hardwood floor. Use carpeted dolly or furniture glides for furniture with a flat surface.

Another option of moving furniture is to check the local newspapers and online classifieds to find an extra help who can help you with loading and unloading of heavy pieces. Usually, this kind of services doesn't cost a lot.

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