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Do You Need a Climate Controlled Storage?

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Climate Controlled Unit or Outdoor Facility?

For people with little or no space in their homes to store their many belongings, renting a storage unit in another location may be essential. However, the thing about a lot of storage units is that uncontrolled temperatures can often do damage to your belongings. During summer, for example, the indoor temperature can be hotter than the temperature outside. This may not be good if you are storing computers and other electronic equipment. Another example may be humid weather, which is not good if you store items like books, art pieces, or musical instruments. This is why using climate-controlled storage is very essential.

What is climate-controlled storage?

It is a kind of storage space that enables you to keep the temperature inside your storage unit at an even temperature, which ranges from 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This kind of storage is best if you want to protect your belongings from humidity, pests, or extreme cold or heat. While you may not be aware of it, many everyday items you store in the unit may be damaged from humidity or extreme temperatures. A climate-controlled storage unit may help you preserve these items.

While most items you have may be stored in climate controlled units, there are many other items that need to be stored in such units over other items. These include collectibles & art, toiletries & cosmetics, furniture & goods (made of upholstery/fabric, metal, wood, leather), important documents, electronics & media, film and photographs, candles, medical supplies/medication, bicycles, wicker, and musical instruments.

You also need to evaluate the need for climate-controlled storage by asking yourself a few questions. How long will you be storing your items? If you will store them for more than one year and your items will be exposed to the seasons, then you should consider climate-controlled storage. Another thing to consider is the climate in your locale. If you experience temperature extremes in your location like the southern states' humidity or the northern states' bitter winters, then you need to consider climate-controlled storage seriously.

Understandably, these units are more expensive than standard storage units. As climate-controlled storage units are usually part of larger structures, the company renting out these units need to pay utility bills. These also are advantageous for the person who rents these units. The climate-controlled units, entrances of which are within the buildings, offer more protection against an animal, insect, and human intruders. These units also have extra features to prevent water from seeping in and snow from accumulating. The climate-controlled units are also dry, which is a far cry from conventional external storage units that attract pests and free-flowing water as these conventional units have crevices under doors.

You are guaranteed that your possessions are safe inside climate-controlled units. Your belongings do not face atmospheric and temperature fluctuations. Even during non-snowing seasons like spring, the temperature changes will wreak havoc on delicate and sensitive items like family heirlooms, musical instruments like pianos, and antique wood furniture.

For many people, correctly storing one's belongings is important for preservation over the long-term. Items that should be kept in climate-controlled storage units are those items that are susceptible to temperature extremes, humidity, and condensation. If you are doubtful on how to store a certain item or what items to store, it is better to choose a climate-controlled storage facility. As a rule, if the item is made of organic materials, if the items are electronic in nature, or if the item can be a good breeding ground for fungus spores or mold, then you should consider using a climate-controlled unit.

Remember, the cost of renting these climate-controlled storage units is a small price to pay for the long-term preservation of your valued items.

Written by Margarita Hakobyan

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