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How to Pack Dishes and Glassware

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How to Pack Dishes and Glassware When Moving

Packing clothes, furniture, and work or school supplies is one thing, but packing glassware is another. Glassware is the most delicate object at home and these items should be handled with special care; otherwise, they’ll be shattered to pieces. And you don’t want that for your intricately decorated crystal saucers and crystal clear glass bowls, right?

Delicate they may be, but glassware can be packed without that much difficulty. However, you have to put extra effort to make sure they are safe for moving and transportation along with other items. Also, glassware has the highest risk of being damaged during moving or shipping. The following are helpful tips on how to pack glassware:

  • Prepare plenty of newspapers and/or bubble wraps.
    Bubble wraps or newspapers are the most important materials that you need when packing glassware. Bubble wraps are more recommended. One layer of these wraps, or of newspapers, may not be enough for packing glassware. You might need two to three layers of bubble wraps or newspapers to pack each glass item.

    When packing though, make sure that you place together similar objects like cups, plates, or glasses in one box.

  • Stackable items, such as plates and bowls, are easy to wrap. This makes the whole work much easier because you can stack them one after another safely inside the box. Make sure that they are placed upright inside the boxes to protect them during shipping.

    There are special moving boxes for certain items. For dishes; there is what we call dish packing boxes, which are made especially for use on packing plates. This is highly recommended for glass plates for easier packing and more protection.

    When packing plates and other stackable items such as small bowls, each of them can be placed on top of the other. A piece of paper or a layer of bubble wrap should be placed in between each item, though for proper cushioning.

    When each piece of glassware is already placed inside the boxes, fill in the empty spaces in the box with crumpled newspapers for cushioning. This lessens the risk of the glassware being broken. If empty spaces were not filled up, the glass items will move during shipping and they can break.

  • It is highly recommended to use small or medium sized boxes for glassware.

  • When cushioning the empty spaces inside a box filled with glassware, you can use your towels or other soft and bulky clothes to save space and effort in carrying all the items to be shipped.

  • Once packing is done, do not forget to label the boxes with “Glassware”, "Fragile" or "Breakable." The movers should be reminded what kind of objects are there inside the boxes and if its glassware, then they would know they should put extra care in handling it. Also, when the boxes arrive, you would instantly know where your boxes of glassware are.

  • Another kind of glassware includes glass table tops. Compared with the other pieces of glassware such as plates and cups, table tops are handled differently. Primarily, it’s because of its size. You will need plenty of bubble wraps to use all over the glass table top.Once it’s wrapped, use a duct tape to secure the wraps.

    If you haven’t got enough bubble wrap, using cardboards will do. Cardboard can effectively add cushion to glass preventing breaks and cracks during moving. When wrapping table tops, you need 2 large pieces of cardboard. Place each of the cardboards on both sides of the glass table top. Then you have to fix both cardboards with duct tape. For additional cushion, you can wrap a blanket around the table top.

    Packing glassware may not appear that difficult, but the effort is sure to be twice the amount as when you pack regular unbreakable items.

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