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How To File a Claim For Damaged Items

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Filing Claims for Damages Caused by Movers

When everything has been packed and you’re ready to move, the worry doesn't stop there. Everyone may assume that the process of actual moving of things from one place to another with the help of a moving company will turn out well, but that doesn't happen all the time, although it does almost all the time. Movers may be as professional as you want them to be, but damages to properties can happen accidentally due to negligence or worse, incompetence.

If damages to your properties such as your electronics or furniture during moving do happen, you need to act; and by the act, it means filing a claim. A trustworthy mover will do the correct action for the damage inflicted on their client’s properties. Still, no matter how reputable the mover is, when damages happen, a claim is still needed to be filed.

But then, nobody wants to file a claim against a mover. To prevent all these from happening, finding the right mover will get you in no trouble. A dependable mover can be found through the ratings and reviews given to them by their previous customers. Make a thorough research first before hiring a moving company to do the work for you.

And when you finally did hire one that you think is trustworthy enough, don’t stop there. Record your items by taking photos or videos of how they appear just before the movers lay their hands on your items for relocation. These photos and videos will be your proof once it turns out damage has been inflicted to any of your things.

The Claim Process
One of the most important things that you should possess before you file a claim is your evidence. Make sure that you have with you the photos or videos that you can use as evidence that your properties were damaged during the relocation. A list of the inventory of items should also help together with the photos and videos. It would also be much better if along with the list, the description of the items and a letter stating that the items are in their best condition without any damages was written down.

The following are the rest of the actions that you should do when filing a claim for damages caused by movers:

1. Inform the movers or the moving company immediately of the damage once spotted.

2. Collect the evidences of the damage.
Collect your photos, videos, and inventory sheet. Without the evidence, there is no point in filing a claim because you wouldn't be able to support your statements. Also, do not throw the damaged items away.

3. Do not clean up yet.

Cleaning up the mess after the damage has been done to the property should be set aside first. This is especially helpful when there are other negative consequences that occurred after certain items were damaged, such as for example a spill of chemical or liquid substances. The negative consequences should also be reported.

4. Fill in the movers’ damage claim form.
Filling up the damage claim forms are usually done up to nine months after the completion of the relocation job. Although you are given a long time to move for filing a claim, it would be best to fill the form once the damages are spotted.

5. On the claim form, write the damaged items, their inventory numbers, and all other information such as when and how it was damaged, as well as the consequences.

6. Prepare the damaged items for inspection.

7. After the inspection, you will get your money back for the damage in accordance with the moving company’s policies and procedures. You will be informed of how much and when it will be available for reimbursement.

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