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When to Use Bubble Wrap for Packing and Moving

Packing is a hefty ordeal and while the allure of a new home is exciting it doesn't mean that the actual moving of your belongings won't be hard work. To help your items arrive safely at your new home, bubble wrap can become the movers' best friend. But, there is more to it than just wrapping the stuff around your belongings and taping it up. Believe it or not, there are correct and incorrect methods.

Just about anything can be wrapped in bubble wrap, but if the item is so heavy that it pops the bubbles it will be relatively useless in protecting it. Items such as artwork and anything breakable should be wrapped in bubble wrap, alternately styrofoam packing peanuts can be used but, anyone who has ever used these knows how messy they can be.

The bubbles on the bubble wrap should face the inside. This helps distribute the weight of the item so the bubbles are less likely to pop. There are many different sizes of bubbles, as a general rule, bigger bubbles are safer for your belongings than little ones. The bigger bubbles take up more space in the boxes as well, this keeps items from moving around during shipping.

There are items you will want to use bubble wrap for in lieu of newspaper or peanuts.

  • Mirrors - One of the items most likely to break. A duct tape "X" should be put across the mirror to keep it from shattering. Then wrap it in bubble wrap and either wrap it again in a thick blanket or put it in its own box labeled "fragile". There shouldn't be anything hard placed in with the mirror but, pillows or blankets can be packed around it for extra cushioning.

  • Paintings - Whether they have a glass pane or not they should be wrapped to prevent scratches or breakage. More than one can be placed together as long as there is packaging between them.

  • Wine bottles and glasses - These should be wrapped with about 2" of bubble wrap around them. If multiple items are placed in the same box, place them so the thickness of the items alternates, mouth to the base. This prevents them from moving. Place a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box before placing your items inside.

  • Statues - If they are heavy, they should not be placed with smaller, more delicate statues. Once again, if they are placed in boxes be sure to mark them clearly as "fragile". It there is a narrow part, be sure to give it extra padding as the thin areas tend to be more delicate.

  • Appliances - Just because they are big, doesn't mean they can't break. Wrapping your fridge, dishwasher and microwave in bubble wrap also prevents them from damaging other items. If your microwave has a rotating ceramic or glass plate inside be sure to remove it and pack it separately. If they are staying on the dolly, wrap them securely with bubble wrap to keep them on the dolly and prevent them from sliding off.

  • Plants - While you don't want to wrap the actual plant in bubble wrap, pots, and planters, especially the clay ones, should be wrapped in bubble wrap to keep the pot from breaking and soil from spilling.

  • Dishes - Be sure to put the heavier dishes at the bottom. Each dish should be wrapped individually. Unlike glasses, they should all face the same way and lay flat, not vertically. Pad the sides with extra bubble wrap.

  • Electronics - Anything that won't be carried with you, such as a flat screen TV, desktop computer, DVD players, etc. Should be wrapped like it is a dish. Place a layer or two of bubble wrap on the bottom and place them in its own box. Fill up the extra space with more wrap.

    Other tips:
  • When you're done packing a box, before sealing it up, give it a gentle shake to make sure there is little to no movement of your items.
  • Buying in bulk before you start packing will save you money. If there is any left over, the remainder can be used for arts and crafts or to make a bubble wrap dress.
  • For items that aren't fragile or breakable, can be placed together in a sheet of bubble wrap.

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