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Types of Rental Trucks for DIY Move

It is essential to consider the type of truck to use when moving. It should be able to match with your needs so that your relocation will be done based on your expectations. This is particularly true if you are set to make a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) move, also known as the "you pack, they drive" choice. In the event that you will be renting the mover for the whole duration of the process, the company will choose the right truck for you. You will have nothing to worry about. However, if you are not set to request a full move, then you must familiarize yourself well with the different types of moving trucks so that you can have the best option available.

After the movers have provided you with the price quote, they should be able to discuss to you the details of the relocation process. They should be able to assist you in selecting the perfect truck for your move. Here are the different types of moving trucks that you can choose from for your relocation:

Cargo Van: This is a moving vehicle that has the capacity of holding studio type units and 1 bedroom apartments.

Pickups: This type of moving vehicle is available for small types of units. It can be used for partial moving or if you just need to move small items. It can also be helpful if you are going to make home improvements.

10 foot truck: This is a type of moving trucks which is appropriate to be used for small apartments. You can also move a bigger studio type apartment using this truck. It is very cost effective in terms of gas consumption and it has the facilities in loading your items to make your life easier.

14 foot truck: This moving truck is applicable for bigger sized apartments. The apartment size can be as big as one that has two bedrooms. The truck has a lower deck which will make unloading and loading easier. It is recommended to rent dollies depending on the particulars of your moving requirements. Dollies are important if you are moving large pieces of appliance and furniture. You can also use dollies for your piles of boxes instead of moving them using your bare hands. You will eventually hurt your back, so just save your energy and utilize the available features that are being offered by this type of moving truck. A 12 to 15 feet moving truck has the capacity to carry a maximum of 3,000 pounds.

17 foot truck: This moving truck is applicable for larger apartments and houses with 2 bedrooms. It is very spacious which is essential if you have many things to load.

20 foot truck: This type of moving trucks can be used for larger apartments or houses with 3 bedrooms.

24 foot truck: This moving vehicle is ideal for apartments and houses with 4 bedrooms.

26 foot truck: Just in case the 24 foot truck is still not enough for your apartment or house, the last option will be this 26 foot truck. This moving truck has the capacity of carrying belongings from units with 4 bedrooms and other larger homes. It is one of the largest possible moving vehicles to rent.

If you wish to rent a smaller vehicle and would like to save on your moving expenses, it is recommended to move toward downsizing. Moving fewer things would also mean less time for packing and lesser amount to be spent for packing supplies and moving boxes. In general, it can be considered more practical. The local movers that you have contacted will give you their recommendations on the kind of moving truck that you should rent. You should also consider that not all moving companies have all types of moving trucks so it would be better to ask them first on what types are available.

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