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Planning and research will help you to have a successful move. Whether it's your first time or you are a pro mover you will benefit greatly from the advice and tips in the following moving guide.
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If you have antiques, collectibles or other high-value items, it will require extra care and attention on your side. The following article will help to prepare your antiques for a move and work effectively with antique movers.
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Preparing For Moving Day

Moving day and the preparation for it can really give you a headache. There are so many things that you have to remember to get done that in a limited space of time that you need all the help that you can possibly get to make it through the move. Moving experts would tell you that one of the best ways in which you can get organized is by creating and following a moving day checklist. This list would itemize tasks that you need to accomplish before the big moving day arrives. Most of the tasks on the checklist can be done weeks in advance before you move.

Too much clutter could definitely impede your moving progress. As a result, it would be best if you were to set aside all the items that you do not wish to take along with you and either sell or donate them. Pack and label all of your boxes making sure that no documents connected with the move are left back in the sealed boxes.

Also, if you are moving with kids, make sure to put aside their box of favorite things so that they would be readily available for them when they move. Be sure to tell the movers so that the children's box would be one of the first that gets unpacked.

One is never really aware of the large amount of trash that they have in their homes until moving day nears. It would also help if you were to get rid of all the trash that is in your home especially the flammable items. A few days leading up to the move it is expected that you would have even more trash and debris to get rid of. If this is the case then you should separate the trash to later discard at a public trash can in your neighborhood. Or if your neighbors would be kind enough, then you can perhaps leave your debris in their trash can. Also, your driver would not load your flammable materials so you should either get rid of them before the moving day or transport them in your car.

Sufficient parking space must also be allotted to your moving company's vehicle. If your present location does not have parking space close to your house which would allow easy access, then you would need to make arrangements with your neighbors so as to reserve a closer space. Parking space aside, the walkways should also be clear before you decide to have the movers over to get your relocation project done. You want your movers to be able to have easy access in and out of your home without unnecessary delays. Therefore it would be best if you move items such as door mats, plants, the kids' bicycles etc from the walkways.

Hanging items such as plants and wind chimes should also be moved to give the mover more head room. Other items that may prove to be a deterrent in moving include rugs, the screen door etc. Although not a requirement but it always good if you show your appreciation to your movers by either tipping them or taking care of their meals and drink. Feeding the movers does not have to be with an extravagant meal. You can either order a pizza for them, Buffalo wings and sandwiches. We are sure they would appreciate lots of water especially during a summer move and you can also provide them with energy drinks as well.

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