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How to Properly Move a Hot Tub

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How to Move a Hot Tub

Probably the most difficult item to move besides moving a piano out of a home is a hot tub. It takes the right equipment to remove it to another destination; without them, this move could result in unwanted disaster.

It goes without saying that removing a hot tub not only requires the tools for the job but manual labor from some friends. To be able to successful carry out this task one need to have tow straps, 4x4 lumber, two four-wheeled furniture dollies and an appliance dolly. When you have gathered all the aforementioned equipment your next step would be to unplug the hot tub releasing it from all any and all connections to gas or electrical feeds.

You would then put all the cords together and secure them together in a neat fashion so that there aren't any loose cords around. To ensure that the cords do not come undone, it would be wise to place them in the tub's enclosure. At this point, it would be wise to check the tub's motor to ensure that it is tight and in place.

After you double-check that all the water has been drained out of the hot tub and it is completely dry, then you can go ahead and tighten the drain cap making sure that it is secured. You and your friends would find that turning the tub on its side would make it much easier to move. Turning over the tub on its side is a bit harder than it seems since you have to make sure that you have people strategically positioned to collectively lift the tub.

A group effort should be applied when lifting the first corner of the tub. Now take the 4x4 lumber sheet that we told you about earlier and place it under that first lifted corner. This task should be repeated on the opposite side of the tub and should be followed by a test run of strength to see if your helpers can manage the tub's weight.

Depending on where the tub is being relocated, it would determine which one of the dollies you have to use. For instance, if you are moving the tub along a consistent flat surface then you should use the furniture dollies. The appliance dolly is best moving the tub up and down the stairs. It is also great for relocating to up or down a hill and for use with ramps as well. If you are using the appliance dolly, then you have to get the ones with the tow strap attachment. And since not all appliance dollies are available with straps, it would be best to purchase or rent one. The straps would come in handy for holding the tub in place when it is being transported.

The two dollies of your choice should be placed under the back of the tub while the other one should be under side the front for an easy move to your transportation vehicle. When you get to your destination and you are ready to move the tub again, you should start by slowly and gently lowering the tub to the ground so as not to break it. With a steady hold on the tub around its corners and sides, you and your helpers can set the tub down. To avoid damage to the tub, keep the 4x4 lumber intact and later remove it by lifting it corner by corner when you are ready to set it down again.

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