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How to Pack and Move Musical Instruments

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Guide to Packing and Moving Musical Instruments

You may perhaps be a professional musician or a hobbyist in making music but either way, musical instruments mean a great deal (and cost a great deal too). Musical instruments are delicate items and whenever these objects are going to be packed and moved, special precautions should be observed. They may break or crack when mishandled and we do not want that to happen to our precious items.

But how do we actually pack a guitar? Or a piano? Drums? The following is a guide to packing and moving musical instruments that you will find useful.

  • Find a reliable moving company. Make sure that they have good feedback from previous customers and that the movers are professional and competent. There is a special way of handling these musical items and with a bit of carelessness, your bass guitar might end up cracked and useless.

  • If moving companies have a special offer on packaging musical instruments, learn more about the offer. It’s always a better choice to have your musical instruments by professionals. However, it won’t hurt if you decide to pack your instruments by yourself, as long as you know how.

  • Arrange your schedule. Notify the movers the time, date, and exact location of the arrival of the musical instruments. This is very important, especially when you are to perform in a concert. Also, there are a few important considerations in moving musical instruments when it comes to weather and temperature. Harps, in particular, are sensitive to temperature.

  • If you want to pack the instruments yourself, do not save from purchasing your packing supplies. You will need every good quality of packing supplies to handle your instruments. Improper use or wrong choice of packing materials can cause damage to the instruments.

  • When packing string musical instruments such as guitars, cellos or violins, the first thing you have to do is to loosen the strings lightly. With a bubble wrap, cover each of the stringed musical instruments and then place it inside its own case.

  • Once an instrument is placed inside its case, make sure that the remaining empty spaces are filled with crumpled paper for more protection. The empty space will cause the instruments to move unnecessarily against the walls of its case. This may cause damages such as scratches on the instrument’s surface.

  • When packing brass musical instruments, you first have to remove the mouthpiece and separately pack it. Use bubble wraps in wrapping your instrument pieces before placing them inside the case.

    Boxes should only be used if the instruments’ cases are not available. This is because the case is specifically engineered to handle the instrument in the safest and in the most practical way.

  • Always use harder cases in packing larger musical instruments such as a piano. Smaller instruments can be packed with soft cases.

    For large musical instruments which you might find difficult to pack by yourself, it is highly recommended to contact a professional mover. However, when packing it by yourself, be sure to use plenty of padding for protection during shipping.

  • A drum set is a large musical instrument; however, it can be disassembled into smaller pieces for easier packing.

    If the cases for the instruments are not available for packing, boxes can be used. When choosing a box, make sure that its size is a bit larger than the instrument. Also, the box should be sturdy. Use bubble wraps in packing the instruments, place the instruments inside the box, and pad it by filling in empty spaces with crumpled papers or any padding. Make sure that the instrument does not move inside the box once you finish packing.

    Do not place two instruments in one box. Use one for each instrument.

    Packing musical instruments may require double effort from you, but that’s better than having them broken only because of improper packing.

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