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How to Pack Electronics for a Move

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The computer represents a big investment and it's a huge part of our daily life, so you need to prepare it carefully. To protect your computer from failures and damages during transportation, you need to follow a certain process.
How To Pack Computers

One of the first tasks of moving is the packing process. Packing clothes is comparably easy, but what about your breakable items? The following article will show you useful packing tips on how to take care of fragile items.
How To Pack Fragile Items

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How To Prepare Electronic Equipment For a Move

We all spent years and money investing in stereo components, big screen or plasma TVs and other expensive electronic equipment. The small additional cost for extra packing materials is well worth it to ensure that these expensive products do not sustain any damage during the transportation process. Electronics may be some of the most expensive items we own, so packing is certainly not the time to take shortcuts. It is highly recommended to use a professional moving service for those high value electronic items. Here some tips how to pack your electronics.

Consult the manufacture's guide or user's guide for special moving instructions. Often, these manuals include helpful information on how to pack and move the items. If you don't have the user's guide, visit the manufacturer's website for more information.

If you still have the original box, use it to pack the equipment. That's going to be the best option for transporting the electronics safely to new home. If you didn't keep them, buy new special boxes for electronic products from your local moving companies or a packaging store.

Purchase colored labels and label all the cords before disconnecting them, so you can easily reconnect them back when they arrive at your new home. For extra security, write down step-by-step instructions on how you're disconnecting the unit, so you can refer to it later in case you don't remember.

The central processing unit of your computer is the most sensitive part of the computer. It requires special attention. Do not use materials that will conduct static electricity, it might damage the information saved on your computer. Always use antistatic packing bubbles or popcorn.

Remove ink and toner cartridges from your equipment. Store them in a resealable bag and secure printer heads before moving. Remove all portable devices, CDs, DVDs and tapes from electronic equipment. Remove all parts that can be disconnected and wrap each one separately.

When packing in the box, place the largest/heaviest piece on the bottom and fill the empty space with antistatic packing material. Then you may place smaller items on top. Make sure every piece is protected during the move. When you are done, tape the box and mark it with "Fragile".

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