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How to Pack and Move Computers

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Electronics is among the costly items in our homes, so we have to pay proper attention to how prepare and move them. Here are some tips on how to pack electronics for a safe move.
How to Pack Electronics for a Move

Many people that have already moved know that packing a kitchen is one of the most challenging tasks. Packing a kitchen can be a long process if you don't know where to start. Follow the article and learn how to pack like a pro.
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How To Prepare Computers For a Move

Backup Your Computer Data

When you are moving take a few extra steps to protect your computer, printer and valuable files. It may look complicated, yet this is a very easy process that can be done in short time. Before you move, check with the movers for insurance options. Make sure to back up all your files and important documents to a portable device. If you are able to burn the files to DVD, then this is your best choice. Usually, DVDs have enough space to store most, if not all, of your files. Keep the backup device with your original program discs in a secure location. Before moving your computer, there are some procedures to follow which will protect your computer from failures and damages during transportation.

Shut Down and Disconnect

Remove all discs from all drives. Shut down your computer before turning it off or unplugging any cables. Simply write on a piece of masking tape what the plug is for and where it should be plugged into. New computers use a color-coded system and tiny images to make assembly easier. Once everything is labeled, start detaching the cables from the computer and the monitor.


If the original box is not available, use a corrugated cardboard box and place some sort of padding on the bottom of the box. Use bubble wrap all around the monitor. Remember that monitors can easily crack or scratch. Pack all other parts of your computer separately. Once everything is secured, place a computer box and desktop in a box: they should be packed upright. Make sure all empty spaces in the box are filled with soft materials or styrofoam peanuts. It has to be packed tight so the computer doesn't move around. If a moving company is handling your computer, don't forget to label it as a fragile item.

Pack printers, scanners and other computer equipment the same way, ensuring none of the items can move while in transit. Remember to remove ink cartridges before you pack printers. You can always take your computer or computer equipment with you in your car.

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