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Storage Search Guide - Climate Controlled or Conventional?

Would it really be wise to opt for a storage space that has climate-control features, or would it be smarter to go for something that’s much simpler? Truth be told, there’s no definitive answer to that question. Fortunately for those confused on which storeroom option to pick, there’s one technique that makes the entire decision-making process a lot simpler – learning about the “pros” and “cons” of each side.

Controlled Environment

What are the advantages of going the controlled route? Well, here’s a list of the most important ones:

  • Fighting Mold – not all things are susceptible to mold attacks. However, the ones that are prone to microbe-induced harm are usually among the most valuable. Storage spaces that can keep both temperature and humidity at a specific level are also more than capable of preventing mold from spreading. After all, microbes don’t grow if they’re in a place that isn't hot and humid.

  • Device Safety – aside from protecting valuables from mold, storerooms that have consistent internal environments shine when it comes to keeping electronics in top condition. To be a bit more specific, modern-day devices have metal components – things that aren't immune from the damaging effect of corrosion. Of course, corrosion wouldn't occur if humidity is kept to a minimum. It’s time to move on to the downsides, and here are the “cons” that need to be considered by storeroom seekers:

  • Price Concerns – it’s safe to say that rental companies invest a lot of money into storage spaces that are equipped with climate-control technology. In other words, it’s only normal for those cutting-edge storerooms to cost more than their conventional counterparts. So, there really is a need to think long and hard before availing of anything that’s immune to climate changes.

  • Tough Searches – technologically-advanced storage solutions aren't always easy to find, mainly because the demand for climate-controlled spaces vary from one place to another and the cost of building those rooms isn't something that all rental firms could afford. Still, it’s easy to understand why some people end up bringing their stuff to another city just to avail of those cutting-edge storerooms.

    Conventional Enclosure

    What are the advantages of going conventional? Actually, that question has already been answered. Just by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of choosing climate-controlled storage spaces, it’d be possible to guess the upsides and downsides of opting for classic enclosures. Nonetheless, people who don’t like making assumptions should look at this list that summarizes the “pros” and “cons” of simple storerooms:
  • The Good Conventional storage spaces are usually much cheaper than their cutting-edge counterparts.
    There’s an abundance of rental companies that cater to those who have fairly simple needs.

  • The Bad Might not provide sufficient protection against moisture and mold (could be a serious concern when storing valuable things).

    Decision-Making Tricks

    At this point, most of those looking for the right kind of room already have an idea on which option suits them more. However, it’s only to be expected that some are still confused, which is why the last of part of this guide features these easy-to-understand suggestions:

  • Whenever something expensive and fragile needs to be stored, renting a storage space that has a consistent internal environment is the only way to go. Here are a few examples of valuables that need to be stored in a cool, dry place –
    Paintings and sculptures
    Sofas (even the leather ones)
    Cabinets (regardless of whether they’re made of metal or wood)
    Electronics (as explained above)

  • If there’s nothing really delicate (or in other words, everything that needs to be stored isn't susceptible to mold damage or corrosion issues), it’d really be smarter to choose a conventional storeroom.

    All in all, instead of asking which type of storage space is the better choice, people should simply answer this question – would it really be necessary to get an enclosure that has climate-control functions?

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