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If you are moving, you are not limited to the number of options. Nowadays there are numerous moving options available; full service moving, self-service moving and do-it-yourself moving. However, which one meets your requirements and budget best?
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Communication between a moving company and customer is the key to a successful move. Everyone has to know what is going on. The following article will guide you through the steps on how to stay connected with your moving company.
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Moving is a very big project that one has to undertake at some point in their lives. If you are either moving to a new home or commercial space, you should not only ensure that you get the right company but you also have to make sure that you get the right quote as well. Quotes from your moving company would provide you with information about how much your move would actually cost depending on how many items you have to relocate. In addition, there are other fees that may be involved including moving insurance of your personal items or extra costs if you are moving long distance.

There are a few things that you should be aware of before seeing your prospective moving company representative. For instance, you first need to clarify if the quote that you are about to receive would be binding or non-binding. A binding quote is one that is legally contracted and it is a quote that would be hard to adjust once it is put into effect. This type of quote can only be changed if the mover added more services.

With a binding quote, the normal procedure would be for the moving representative to visit your home or office where they would document all the items that you are moving. With this kind of quote, be prepared to be quoted a high fee.

Non-binding moving quotes are a little bit more flexible in that they are not legally binding. This means that the moving representative can give you a quote without viewing your personal items and this quote is usually given over the telephone or via an email. The problem with this type of quote is that the price can change, sometimes drastically by the time the movers actually get to your house and start evaluating what you have to move. Ultimately with a non-binding quote, although very convenient, you would find yourself having to spend more money than actually want to part with. That's why most moving experts advise that movers seek a binding quote.

Next, you may be tempted to hire the moving company that yields the lowest rates. You may want to think twice about that since there are a lot of burgeoning moving companies who may initially offer a low rate and then increase the prices twice as much after they have moved you from point A to point B. If you must hire a low-cost moving company, make sure that you get a binding quote from them.

Finally, after you have received the quote, ask the moving company representative to provide you with a breakdown of the services. You may be quoted a quote that you may think is too high but it may be because they have included services like packing and unpacking your items. Since this is a job that you and your family can complete, then you can have it removed out of the quote so that your price would be reduced.

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