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Why Do People Move Anyways?

Moving really isn't all that fun. In fact, it ranks up there with divorce and death as far as stressful life events go, so why would anyone ever, ever bother?: The fact is a good portion of people who do bother with a move have a good reason to other than "just because".

The huge process behind moving can be very daunting, but there are some solid reasons to make the big move. When it is time to pack up and move on, these are some of the top reasons that people really should move:

job opportunities

  • Job Opportunities

    This is one of the biggest driving motivations for people to want to move. Economic centers are positioned in very limited parts of the world that people flock to, to essentially create a career. While it is wise to calculate the difference in the cost of living between the two areas before leaving a steady job, one should not hesitate to make a big move if it'll improve the outlook of their career.

  • You Can Afford It

    The cost of moving is tremendous even when you don't hire any helpers, so it really is a luxury to be able to move on a whim. Also, it is expensive to buy a new home. Only when you can afford both is it smart to move. Although, if you are renting obviously the second part of that equation does not need to be a determining factor, but of course, you will need to deal with security deposits and things like that.

  • You Want to Rent Your Home

    Depending on the market in your area, sometimes it can be profitable to rent out your home while you move somewhere else. In some areas, it is significantly more expensive to rent than it is to own, so you can take advantage of this by moving out of your home. The only trick will be finding a property where you can rent cheaply enough that you are still making money by renting out your home.

  • The House is Falling Apart from Age

    The romance of living in an old home goes away pretty much a month or two after you move in when you realize how much work and money is required of the owners of an old home. These houses are prone to many expensive and inconvenient issues that seem to pop up constantly. It is good to know about the risk beforehand, but get out while you still can by selling to someone who is still misty-eyed about this whole old house thing.

  • Your Neighbors are Annoying

    You found the perfect location, house and neighborhood, but your neighbors are driving you up the wall! When it gets bad, sometimes it is best just to call it quits and move. It is really inconvenient to move, but sometimes it is a lot more convenient than dealing with that one annoying old man down the street on a daily basis.

    buying new home

  • You Can Finally Buy

    Back in the day when banks were giving out mortgages like Oprah giving away free cars, it was extremely to get a mortgage. Now being able to get a mortgage isn't as easy as it used to be. If you can qualify for the loan with a good credit score and the down payment, for some people it is a wise investment to get a home. The interest rates out there are still low, but one day they will return to normal. Try to take advantage of this market while the getting is still good.

  • Your Family is Far Away or Too Close

    Depending on your age, job and attitude a having family too close or too far is a matter of opinion. There is no real way to gauge the distance you want from your family other than listening to your intuition. Regardless, you better call your mother after reading this or she's going to kill me.

  • The House Holds Bad Memories

    The saying, "if these walls could talk," doesn't always have a positive connotation. Bad relationships, catastrophic events, burglaries or any number of things can make a home become a symbol of something bad in your life. Sometimes it is best to cut the ties and move on so that you don't have to constantly be reminded of the bad memories.

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