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Corporate Office Move

Moving a corporate office can actually be much more stressful than moving a home and single family. The problem is that there are often certain guidelines and criteria you will be expected to meet. For this reason, you need to give yourself at least three months of preparation to make sure everything on moving day goes smoothly.

The Preparation for a Corporate Move

The single biggest aspect of a corporate office move is planning. When you just think you are done with planning, you will need to plan some more. Since a corporation is concerned with how much time is going to be spent during the move, it is that much more imperative to have everything worked out already. A company does not want problems because wasted time costs them extra money.

The primary thing you should focus on is the layout for where the items in the old location will be going in the new one. A floor plan is a near necessity because you want to be able to measure out desks and walkways to ensure that what you have pictured in your mind will actually work when you get the items moved. Different sized offices can lead to problems with furniture fitting properly and you should be aware of this before physically moving the furniture.

Communication is Key

The movers, employees and everyone else involved in the move should be well aware of what the plan is for them. For example, employees should know which office is theirs, how their office needs to be setup (if needed), and what items they will be responsible for moving to the new location. The last thing you want to do is to hit moving day and realize that no one has cleaned off their desks or placed items in boxes. Employees can help a lot by having their own work area prepared for moving. Time is equal to money, and therefore, the corporation will appreciate you maximizing the efficiency of the move.

Responsibility for Certain Items

As mentioned above, some items are not the mover's responsibility to move. Personal items should be stored away and those will be the responsibility of the owners to actually move them. This can include moving of plants, pictures, papers, etc.

You should also have your employees be responsible for their desk contents. Things like pencils and paper clips should be secured and placed in boxes. Large envelopes are good to use to store these items.

All security papers should be placed in security file cabinets already. If not, this is the time to bring that up to the corporation. You will need some way to lock the security cabinets. As well, if the security cabinets will need to be escorted by an employee, you should make arrangements for that ahead of time.

Get rid of the Garbage!

You do not want to overload the dumpsters on the day you are trying to move. Naturally, you will find additional items that will need to be thrown away on that day. However, as much that will not be going with the move as possible should be thrown away on the days prior to the actual moving day. The less you have to pack up and move, the less time it will take to finish it. Always make sure that important items are kept and saved.

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