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If there is one thing that you should know about moving is that it always helps somewhat if one were to work along with your moving company and the movers. You would be amazed as to how smoothly things would work out for you even on stressful days prior to your move. Until the time that you actually move you would be in constant contact with the moving company representative as you both work together to finalize information about your move. Here are a few suggestions when dealing with your mover that would produce a smooth outcome.

One of the first things that you should do is to let the mover know exactly what your needs, what you expect from them and the items that you would be moving yourself with your vehicle. The last thing you would want happen is that you pack up a few boxes intended for you to transport in your car and the movers take them instead. Also if you must change moving dates, please let your movers know immediately so that they would not lose business with another customer who can fill your spot.

Finalize details with the movers on gaining access to both your old and new homes so that moving things in would be a lot easier. Is your property up to a hill or do you have staircases in your home? You would need to convey this information to the movers so that they would bring the right type of equipment and truck to move your items.

Even if you have a large item such as a piano or a large refrigerator that may be on the upper level of your home, you should also notify your movers since they would know what equipment they need to bring and how many extra hands they would need to get the work done.

Even if you are not confident enough to wrap or package your items, you can get your movers to do it. Specify to them exactly what type of packaging you want the movers to use in wrapping your items. Even the most delicate items that you have in your home require special attention from your movers and so you should convey to them the importance of not only cleverly packaging your antiques and heirlooms etc. but you should also make sure that they handle it with care from the moment it leaves your old house into the new.

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