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What You Should Not Store In Storage Units

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If you are moving, there are a number of diverse relocation options available. However, which one meets your needs best? The following article analyzes the pros and cons of different types of moving service, and let you make a determination which one is the right choice for you.
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Portable storage containers are an excellent choice for moving to another state. The company provides you with the mobile storage containers, you take the accountability of packing and loading your household items into the container. And as soon as you're done, they take them upward and deliver them to your new home.
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What Items You Are Not Allowed to Store

There is nothing more convenient than having a self storage unit. These units are the right solution to surplus items that you are not able to fit into your home or office because of lack of space. We're sure you can think about many things that you want to put in storage but bear in mind that not every item that you may want to store away is allowed by some of the storage unit companies. That means that any item that the company perceives to be dangerous to their staff and facility would be ordered off their premises.

Long before taking your items to the storage unit company, you should make up a list of the things that you want to store. Experts advise that you should take this list down to the storage unit office so that they can look over the list to ensure that the items listed are in accordance to what they would allow at their office.

Even before you make it down the storage unit rental office, we can identify a few things that the company may or may not allow to make it easier for you as you compile your list. Flammable and toxic materials are looked upon as dangerous items to store at the unit. The office would also turn away products that are combustible and hazardous. Among the list of items that you cannot put in storage include propane tanks, kerosene, paint, chemicals, and acid to name a few. Explosives, ammunition and even weapons are not allowed so too are any products that have asbestos.

Depending on which storage company you use, you may be able to store your vehicle and tires as well but each vehicle that you leave at the office should be registered and insured. It would also help if your vehicle is in good working condition as well. For the personal storage of food items, only canned foods would be allowed. So this means that items such as meats, dairy products, and cereals are not allowed in the storage unit since they spoil easily and not to mention this would ultimately attract unwanted pests.

Plants and animals are a definite no-no at the storage unit and if you are a medical practitioner who has run out of space at your workplace, you should know that while your medical and pharmaceutical supplies can be stored at the storage company items, anything that has radioactive components are definitely not allowed there as it is considered illegal.

When compiling your list the key is to be realistic about the things that you want to put in storage and of course make sure that you pass that list on to the storage company before you move everything down to their office and have to return home with most of the items. You could save yourself so much time by doing this and not to mention the extra load involved.

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