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How to Get a Parking Permit for a Moving Truck

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Parking Permit for a Moving Truck

Parking regulations differ from state to state so it is vital that you check the requirements for the particular city or state days ahead of your planned move. Otherwise, the moving equipment may be towed or penalties may be imposed if the need to secure a parking permit is ignored. A parking permit may not be necessary if you intend to park your moving trailer or truck on private property such as a driveway unless the vehicle will be blocking the sidewalk.

What Purposes Does a Parking Permit Serve?

Basically, parking permits are issued for 2 purposes:

  • The permit will grant you the go-signal to park on the street for a given period of time, which can be anywhere between a couple of hours and a few days. It will also let the city know that the moving truck has prior approval to be there.

  • The permit can also be used to reserve a parking space for your moving truck or equipment. In some cities, a temporary No Parking sign is placed on your intended or reserved parking space. This will be convenient for the planned move, although this may not be applicable in your particular destination state or city.

    Getting a Parking Permit for Your Moving Truck
    As previously mentioned, parking permits are not necessary if you will be parking on private property. However, it is still advisable to contact the building management, landlord, or homeowner's association just to make sure that you will be able to park hassle-free.

    Because every city has its own requirements and procedures for granting permits, it is recommended that you get in touch with the concerned city office or department. This may be any of the following: licensing and permitting department, street department, the police, or the section in charge of issuing temporary signs.

    You can do a quick online search for the particular city;s official website to determine the proper department to contact. If you are unable to identify the right department this way, try calling the non-emergency number of the local police to inquire as to which department handles the issuance of parking permits for moving vehicles.

    In some jurisdictions, it is possible to secure a permit or a temporary sign over the telephone, although there are some cities that will require an applicant to be physically in their office. This can pose a problem, especially if your moving destination is far from your current location. There are also cities that may require you to send a copy of your moving contract or bill of lading before a parking permit can be issued. In such cases, you can request a moving specialist to handle the process of securing a permit on your behalf.

    Preparing for the Move
    Securing a parking permit for your moving truck is only part of the entire process of moving. There are other things to do including proper packing and loading, as well as planning for the most convenient route to take. Moving costs should also be taken into consideration.

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