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There are many moving service providers listed on local classifieds and similar websites. However, don't be mistaken to assume that these are all legit moving companies. Some of them are not licensed and operate without proper qualifications. More importantly, these "movers" will not have insurance coverage and will not be able to provide adequate reimbursement in case of damages to your goods.

Craigslist and other online classified sites are probably one of the best places for selling products that you no longer need or purchasing items that you do need at a very affordable price. It is also the place that one can get affordable services like lawn care, carpentry among others. Online classified websites also attract scam and a moving scam is no exception. Too often on those sites, you can see a moving offer that may appear to be too good to be true.

One would be very surprised to discover that what they perceive as professional negotiations with movers is really a professional scam artist at work. All of this can be prevented if you follow some of the rules that we have outlined for you.

The first sign that confirms that the moving company you are dealing with is a fraud is that they can move you for $40/hr(includes two men and one truck) or less.

Usually, reputable companies are the ones who invest in websites and the link so that their customers can not only locate them, but they can also view some of the services offered. Even if a mover does not have a webpage, blogs are free and can be used for anything, even advertising your own company.

Even a listing in the local Yellow Pages would prove that the moving ad is a legitimate one. These are the ads that appear in physical directory books as well as the online version of The Yellow Pages. The online version is free and anyone who is serious about their moving business should at least advertise in the electronic yellow pages. Being a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) also shows integrity for a company. So if you are thinking about getting into the moving business, the Better Business Bureau is the first office that you should visit.

In addition, a legitimate moving company would also be registered with the Chamber of Commerce, Movers Association or Department of Transportation among like groups. If your prospective classified advertiser is not on the list then you might have some problems. Similarly, if the moving company provides a telephone number for which to be reached and your call directly goes to voicemail or someone casually answers the phone with a simple "hello" then you know that it is either a scam or a relatively new and inexperienced company.

Also, you may not have heard about the moving company before, but that does not mean that they do not exist. You should network with a few friends and family members to find out if anyone knows about the moving company and the kind of service that they offer.

And while we can all use a bargain wherever we may go to shopping, it is probably never a good thing to choose a moving company that has low prices. Chances are you may actually end up getting the type of service that you have paid for. Instead, spend a little extra for a well-established moving company. It's worth every penny especially when your personal items are involved.

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