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If you are the type of person who loves the convenience of shopping online and won't think twice about making a huge purchase such as a vehicle from a car or auction website, then you must know that having your item shipped to you would be another financial step that you would have to take.

Today thanks to websites such as eBay, more people are turning to purchasing their vehicle online. Making such a purchase allows the prospective buyer to conveniently browse many vehicles and check out its specifications before they commit to buying.

An online car buyer would also have the responsibility of choosing a shipping company to deliver their car. As easy as this may sound, although car shipping companies are in abundance you will soon realize that they are not recommended for shipping every type of car. How do you know which of these companies to choose for the proper shipment of your car?

Usually, the first thing you would need to decide is if you want your vehicle enclosed or not. Choosing the enclosed option for your car is obviously the more expensive way to go but one can't really put a price on the protection of their valuable property against the elements of rain, wind and even debris. Moving experts would agree that enclosed is the most recommended choice even if your car is a used one.

Once you have made your decision, the next step would be to check on the shipping routes of the shipping company. If you are lucky the shipping company may charge you a little extra to deliver the vehicle to your door. But in most cases, some of these shipping companies would have you pick up your vehicle at a specific location; some of these locations may even be out of your own city. Ensure that the car shipping company that you choose is able to provide you with information about this before you buy.

As your car is shipped out to you, the shipping company is responsible for providing you with an inspection checklist for before and after the shipping. Take your time and peruse the checklist even long before your car is shipped. By the time it gets to you, a thorough inspection is required so as to identify any faults that the car may have.

Car shipping insurance is no exception and also highly recommended when purchasing something this big. This is especially true if you want to make sure that you are covered financially should anything go wrong with your purchase.

You would be surprised to know that not all car shipping companies offer insurance coverage. That's why it would be a good thing to ask if your car would be covered as well as to find out the cost to have it insured. Usually, some car shipping companies would quote you a final price which would include the cost of insurance. Ask if the insurance is added in or if there is an extra fee involved.

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