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If you're moving and have a tight budget, one of the ways to save on your moving costs is to do it yourself. Most of the times a do-it-yourself move is definitely less expensive than hiring movers. But don't underestimate how much work and how much money it entails.
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If you are moving within the next few weeks, you would no doubt have a lot of packing and labeling to do. Since this is an integral part of the moving process, it should be a project that is done with great precision in order to safeguard your items. In order to have a successful move and one that is void of too much stress, you should keep an inventory of all your moving boxes and all that is packed into them. Yes, it is quite easy to label your boxes like "Kitchen Items", and "Son's toys" but since there will be moving boxes aplenty; you need to keep track of them all.

There are many things that can go wrong on moving day. Your mover can misplace a few boxes, get in an accident causing boxes and its content to get damaged; there are endless things that can go awry. By keeping inventory, you are ensuring that you are able to account for every box that you pack when you get to the new location. In addition by itemizing all of your boxes by name on paper, it would also help for you to determine which boxes got lost in transit or have been left behind by mistake.

Moving experts would tell you that it is always good to write down the items as you pack them and it would also be helpful if you took photos of them as well. By taking pictures of your items, you are recording a photographic evidence of the condition of your items whether good or bad. That way, if the movers take your items to the new house and it turns up in the worst condition than you have previously photographed then you would have the evidence in hand to get compensation from the moving company.

Even if the move is a do-it-yourself project you should also make a note of the things that you have packed room by room. For the larger items and appliances, you should also jot down the serial numbers just in case you have to file an insurance claim.

Moving inventory is also recommended in instances where you may have moved out early from your old home and your move to the new home has been postponed for unforeseen reasons. In this scenario, you may have to leave your items in storage which by all reports isn't always a safe place. Fire and floods can both affect your items and not to mention storage units can also be burglarized. It is truly better to be safe than sorry; keep the inventory of your items and by all means, have them covered under your property insurance.

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