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It is a gamble whether doing the move with some help from family and friends are more appropriate or professional moving company is the answer.
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The first thing to remember when it comes to handling the moving men themselves is that tipping is not required in this industry. That means the movers in question do not depend on tips to make a living wage. This, of course, isn’t to say they don’t appreciate when customer tips them.
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Once you start planning your move, it is easy to get devastated by the little things. And one of those easy things is the process of changing your address with USPS.
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Tips For Moving at an Hourly Rate

Moving anytime soon? Perhaps you may be thinking about the best possible way in which you can move without spending too much money. So you may be considering doing so with an hourly rate. If this is the method of moving that you choose then here are a few ways in which you can make use of the limited time that you book.

It cannot be overstated how better important it is to have everything organized for your move. You can do so by labeling your boxes and placing them all in a room so that they won't get in your way. Experts would tell you that one of the best places to store your packaged item is in your garage. Leaving your items in your garage would give the movers easy access to the items when they come on moving day and this would also save you a lot of time. For those who may have a tool or storage shed on their property, this is also a good place to also store your boxed items as this location is also accessible by the moving company.

When assembling the boxes in the room it would be wise for you to place the heavy boxes first and the lighter boxes on top of it. Do not stack them too high for them to topple over but stack them so that they cannot easily be dismantled even when the movers arrive with their moving equipment. You would find that by stacking the boxes yourself you are cutting the mover's time in half, which is what you want in order to save money as you move.

When you get to your new location, you would have to decide how the disassembling process would work for you. Again we are looking at the time factor involved and if your movers were to disassemble your larger items, then it could take up a lot of time which would ultimately leave you with a huge bill. Therefore you should try to disassemble the items yourself or have some family member assist you with it after you move so that you would keep more money in your pocket. Another time and money saver when moving at an hourly rate is to carefully choose the time of day that you are moving.

Mid morning and after seven or eight at night are ideal for moving, the latter if the moving company works after hours. Any time during the weekend is also a good time to be able to move. Bear in mind that the aforementioned times of day eliminates the chances of you getting stuck in traffic and having to pay for the hours that would be accumulated on the road.

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