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Items You Should Not Put in a Moving Truck

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What You Shouldn't Put in a Rental Moving Truck

One of the most stressful parts of moving is hauling all the items in the moving truck. Follow that up with the need to remove all those items again after reaching the destination and homeowners would really have a hard time with the process of keeping all their things in line. Prior to renting a truck, it's important to note that safety is the main concern when it comes to moving. This is why rules and regulations are often used to ban specific items from being loaded onto moving trucks. That being said, the following are some items to watch out for when making a move.

Matches and Lighters - they are pretty safe, but imagine the environment inside the moving truck. The dryness inside combined with the heat can cause matches and lighters to ignite without warning.

Alcohol - like matches and lighters, alcoholic beverages are prone to starting a fire when exposed to specific temperature. Of course, add the fact that individuals carrying this type of luggage may be tempted to start drinking from the supply. If the road is quite bumpy and the beverages are not packed properly, the bottles might also break, soaking everything within reach.

Cleaning Fluids - items used for cleaning purposes such as detergent and bleach have chemical components that react negatively to heat. When exposed for a long period of time, they might start to expand, eventually causing an explosion inside the moving truck.

Paint and paint remover - they might seem harmless at first, but they can contain highly flammable materials that could trigger explosions after being exposed to heat. Make sure to transport these items in a much more convenient vehicle that has a continuous flow of cool air to prevent them from being a fire hazard.

Propane Tanks - again, another obvious item not to pack in a heated and confined space. They're much more flammable than those mentioned above despite the usual heavy casing of the tank. Consider the fact that travel might be bumpy, therefore causing the tank to move around the truck.

Vases and Other Breakable Items - although not flammable, homeowners should consider if they want their breakable items loaded into the truck. This is especially true if the vases are costly, making it crucial to get specialized moving services for the job.

Paintings and Other Pricey Materials - paintings, art pieces and anything that might be part of an expensive collection should also be left to the care of professional movers. It's best not to load them into a rented moving truck since this doesn't have enough padding precautions to prevent damage.

Moving truck rental companies may also have their own rules and regulations regarding what can and cannot be loaded into the vehicle. Remember that anything flammable such as aerosol cans, flares, gases, and ammunition should be avoided. Weight limitations for the truck should also be considered.

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